There are 3 phases of network marketing that you may go through and the goal is to get to the last one as soon as possible.

You Hope Network Marketing Works

You just got started, maybe have never done network marketing before and you hope this thing is going to work. Even though you don’t have any results yet, you hear all the statements, you listen to the stories, you’ve seen the comp plan, and you start to dream. You picture paying off that debt, buying that new car, traveling the world and having complete time and financial freedom. You hope this thing can work for you to achieve all those dreams.

You Think Network Marketing Works

Then the next stage is the think stage. That’s when you’ve had a little success, maybe earned your first paycheck, but your belief is still not rock solid yet. Little thoughts of doubt may creep in here and there, and when you hit a little obstacle, it could actually chink your armor and take away from your belief.

You KNOW Network Marketing Works

Then there’s the final phase which is the know phase. This is the phase you want to get to as soon as possible like I mentioned above. This is where it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, you know this thing is going to work. You know like you know like you know that it is going to work. No matter what your family says, no matter what your friends say, no matter what anybody says, you are actually making money with network marketing and you know it works. You’re alright knowing that maybe it won’t work for them, but it’ll work for you and many other open-minded people that you connect with.

How to Get Yourself and Your Team to The Know Phase Fast

  • Earn a paycheck as fast as possible – this can help someone go from “hope” to “think” to “know” very fast, as they see it really does work by showing them the money. (remember Jerry Maguire?)
  • Get to the next event – it could be your local event or the big company event. Whatever it is, you want to get around people for the social proof as soon as you and your team can. You want them to meet and plug into the people that are actually having success on a continual basis. This is absolutely vital. It’s vital for you to get into the know phase and it’s vital for your team to get into the know phase.
  • Clarify your goals – make sure you know why you are doing your business.  Write it out, make a vision board, announce it to the world, then get after it.  Help your team to do the same and you can all be on the journey together.
  • Dive into personal development daily – I can’t even express how important this last one is.  I discovered personal development 13 years ago with my first mentor, Jim Rohn.  I have changed and grown so much!  Getting and staying in the “know” phase will be fueled by your daily personal development, ever reaching and growing and becoming the BEST version of you possible.  This is the way you will also attract those leaders into your business that will help you grow it to a point of complete freedom.  When you have complete freedom – financial, time, everything – you will have arrived at the “know” phase for sure.

My Personal Development Journey

More Tips on Personal Development

These are the three phases. The, “I hope it’s going to work,” to the, “I really think it may work,” into, “I know like I know like I know that what I’m doing is where I should be going and I’m going to achieve my dreams and I know this thing is going to work.”

It’s working for me right now.

It’s working for millions of other people, so it can work for you too.

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