Have you ever had a friend join a network marketing company, but NOT WITH YOU?

Yep, it’s pretty much a sick, throw up feeling sometimes if you don’t know how to handle it.

Then they go on to aggressively try to recruit you into their deal?

What’s the best way to handle this and keep the friendship?

Don’t Bash the Other Network Marketing Company

Try your very best to get your personal feelings out of the way and congratulate them for making a great decision.  Be professional and don’t bash their company, instead be encouraging and let them know you’re excited to see their progress.

Let Them Know You’re Serious About Your Network Marketing Company

Thank them for thinking of you and let them know you’re really focused on building your business with your company so another venture isn’t right for you right now.  Maybe you could support them and buy their products, but trying to build two network marketing companies just doesn’t work long-term.

If they are aggressive, maybe pushy, trying to get you to join theirs just because your friends, you might want to question the friendship.  Was it just based on what they could get from you?  If so, consider distancing yourself from them.  It can be tough to stay positive around such negative influences.

Keep in Touch

Even though you’re building separate businesses, you can (and should) still keep in touch.  One great way is to trade great training info and mentors.  Because I have MLSP, I have something to offer anyone in another network marketing company to help them build their business.  What this does is increase my credibility with them, build the relationship and maybe in the future, they might consider working with me on my team if something happens to their company.

Remember to stay professional, don’t take it personal and keep building the relationship for the future.  You never know what can happen!

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