When I started learning the online marketing space, I had a deep desire to figure this whole thing out.

I knew there were a lot (as in millions) of people out here, looking for a way to

make more money

have more freedom

and create the life of their dreams.

I knew I just had to connect with them and the only thing standing in my way was learning how, so I buckled down and started learning.

Little by little, I’ve been figuring it out.  I assumed that I was behind the times and most had already been working on this and knew more than me.

To my surprise…I had no idea how many people had NO IDEA!!

That’s the Curse of Knowledge — when you think everyone already knows what you just learned or know.

So if you’re getting online and learning like me, guess what?

You have massive value to give to others because of the knowledge you now have, you are a few steps ahead of them and can teach them.

By sharing your valuable knowledge, you raise your influence and start attracting people to you.  They start to see you in a different (leadership) light and may want to follow you.

Isn’t that cool?

So how do you go about sharing?

Cash in Your Notes

If you’ve been to trainings, you have value to give.  Take those notes, break them down into a couple of points at a time and

  1. Share as a post on your Facebook page
  2. Do a video on YouTube or Facebook
  3. Hop on Periscope and do a show
  4. Tweet the tip out
  5. Do a quote pic on Instagram

and on and on and on….

I know what you’re thinking: why would anyone want to hear someone else’s training from little ‘ole me?

It’s the craziest thing online as you build a brand but if you’re being authentic, there are people who will connect with your “style” or “message” better than others.

I’ve already seen this happening for myself which is pretty cool.

Be careful not to plagiarize word for word, but interpret how you saw the training and what your takeaways were.

The biggest thing I can tell you is YOU have value to give and it’s TIME to start giving it.  The market place pays for value, so do you want to increase your paycheck?  GIVE MORE VALUE…

Did you like this post and video?  Let me know by commenting below.

I’d love to help you, so connect with me!

Here’s to you sharing your value TODAY!!

Elizabeth OlivaEliz





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