Are you getting leads online?

Are you getting people who are raising their hand, calling you back, or you’re calling them because of some piece of passive marketing that you’ve put out?

Well, congratulations!

That’s a great place to be, and it actually happened to me yesterday. I had a lady call me after one of my blog posts hit LinkedIn.  If you’ve watched my videos, you know I say to call me.  She did, we had a great conversation.

Best First Question for Your Leads

One of the best things you can say is “How best can I help you?”

They could be looking for ways to build their current company or they could be looking for a network marketing business and you could have a possible new team member.

You might be able to recruit a new person into your business, but before you do that, you want to ask them some questions.

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Your Lead is Looking for a Network Marketing Business

“How much money have you budgeted to start your new business?”

You are in a business, and a real business owner would talk about the investment. They would talk about what this person is expecting to pay to get started. If they’re looking at a franchise, they’re expecting to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars most of the time.

Get an idea of what’s in their head.  If they are expecting to spend thousands to get started, most network marketing companies have a very low investment, usually under $500.  When they see the less than expected start up cost, it should make recruiting them easier instead of more difficult.  If they’re expecting to pay nothing to get started, this is a good time to manage their expectations and let them know there will be an investment and see if they are still open.

“Have you ever been in a home-based business before?”

If they say yes, ask them how did it go? You’re listening for if they had a positive experience or a negative experience and their mindset on the whole thing.

Let’s say that it was a negative experience which happens a lot. If they’re looking for a new company, it could be because they had a negative experience, and they’re thinking it was the company when it may be them.

If they answer “Oh, well, I didn’t have a whole lot of success”, and they give you some reasons of  “my sponsor didn’t call me enough”, or “there wasn’t enough training available”, or “I didn’t have a lot of time”, or “I didn’t put a lot of time into it.”, you want to ask them this:

“What makes now any different than those times in the past?”

You’re listening for, again, what they have to say. Do they realize that it’s their responsibility, that they need to take ownership of a business if it’s going to work?  Or are they going to give you the same excuses that kept them from creating successful results with companies in the past?  If they give you excuses, this may be a good time to politely tell them that network marketing may not be for them.  I know that may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  If they bring negativity with them, they won’t be successful.  I’ve seen it way too many times.

“Why are you open right now to an opportunity?”

Here is where you’ll learn what their current pain/desire/need could be.  I recently prospected one of my customers and found out that he is open right now because he’s tired of doing manual labor for 80 hours/week.  He’s a fireman and on his off days, he moves furniture, so his pain is real and he could be serious about this.

If Your Lead is Already in a Company and Happy

If they’re in a company and they’re happy, wonderful!  Why would this be just as wonderful?

If you’re in a system like I am, which is MyLeadSystemPRO, you have something to offer these people.

Never heard of MLSP?  Check it out here.

You may talk to 10 leads, and 9 of them are happy with their company. If you have a system like MyLeadSystemPRO, you can help the other 9 now.  How?  By saying this:

“How are you doing with generating leads online?”

This is a big one, because most people are looking for leads, leads, leads.

They need more people to talk to, most of them are struggling and most of them are looking for a better way.

The best way to approach them is:

“I’m working with a great platform, it has helped me to produce a lot more leads and I have people to talk to. If you’d like, I can provide you with that link.”

I did that yesterday with the lady from LinkedIn. She’s really happy with her company, but I have a way to help her with her marketing.

I have a way to help her find people on the internet with MyLeadSystemPRO.

So you can help people either way, and even if you’re not in MyLeadSystemPRO, you can point them to great training like Ray Higdon’s podcast or other great mentors that they can plug into.

When you provide value like this, you’ll build a relationship, increase your credibility and become an authority to your leads, which is where you want to be.

People join people who are going somewhere and you’ll be that leader that they may now (or later) want to follow.

When you understand what your leads are looking for, you can fashion what you say to what they need and help them in that manner.

It’s about giving them value. When you’re giving them value, you’re building the relationship for long term, and that is what we want. A great, quality person that we can connect with on either level, helping them find a new company with you or helping them in their current company get better with what they’re doing.

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