I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately about MyLeadSystemPro and especially inside my company, from people asking is it right for them?

They may have heard me on a training call or gone to my blog, or they’ve heard through the grapevine that I’ve got been using this system so let me explain a little bit about what it is and what it is not.

What MyLeadSystemPro IS

It’s a training community of marketers that are learning how to market online, generate leads, brand themselves, make more money and become an authority in their target market. It’s about  learning how to truly market your business and yourself online to generate leads for your business.  You have the ability to create affiliate commissions by referring people to the system.

MyLeadSystemPro has marketing tools such as:

      • Lead capture pages (some already done and others you can customize)
      • CRM (customer relationship manager) to effectively follow up with your leads
      • A WordPress based blogging platform that even a newbie can set up in minutes, called MLSP Sites.
      • Facebook Group Page filled with responsive top earners who can lead you through the process of learning how to market online. Anytime you have a question you need answered, you can go in the group and you have experts right there every single day answering questions as you go through this training.
      • MyLeadSystemPro is known for great recognition inside the community as well.
      • Never-ending supply of content inside the training library of webinars that you can “ILT” (invest, learn, teach) to your target market and raise your credibility with them.
      • Weekly Webinars where the top earners share their secrets as to what they’re doing right now to generate leads and make money in their businesses.


What MyLeadSystemPro is NOT

It is not a competing MLM. It is not another company that you’re bringing someone into. This is strictly an affiliate program available for whoever wants to utilize it.  It is not a system where you walk in the door and they hand you leads. It is not a system that I immediately signed up and started recruiting people under my company. I had to learn some skills and most people do.

How successful can you be with it? That really depends on you and how much you dive in and really learn this stuff, because it is a learning curve. If you really have no clue about marketing, and maybe you’re even brand new to a computer, it might take you a little while.

The key is, are you ready to take that step? Do you want to get online like I did? When I found MyLeadSystemPro, I wanted to go online, brand myself, and find people over the internet. This does not mean that I wanted to hide behind my computer and never talk to anyone again and just recruit them into my business on autopilot.  I was looking to reach out over the internet and find people, and then actually connect with them on the phone and find out how I could help them.

They could be happy in their network marketing company, but they’re looking to generate leads online like me.  Because I have a solution for them now with MyLeadSystemPro, I can start to build a relationship and maybe in the future, if something happens to their company, they may consider working with me in mine. I brought them where they can get more training and I’ve elevated myself to a level of credibility and authority with them. They may actually at that time look at my business.

Is it working for me?  I’m currently getting leads every week now because of MyLeadSystemPro and am building relationships with these new leads as I continue to learn more and more about marketing online.

Is it right for you?  Call me and I can help you find out, or you can take the 10 day, $10 test drive RIGHT HERE.

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