If you’ve been on my blog much at all, you’ve probably seen more and more video marketing here.

Why is that?

Because it’s a super HOT strategy for your marketing!

On a recent MyLeadSystemPro Wake Up Call, I heard Steven Rachel these reasons why video marketing really works:

Video Marketing Tends to Get Better Results

If you are providing quality video content, meaning your audience can see and hear you clearly, you will tend to get better results.  When you’re providing a solution to their specific problem on a consistent, daily basis and it’s fresh new content you are promoting, they will be back over and over to consume the value you’re providing which will bring better results also.

Video Marketing Can Speed Up Your Results

You can build your brand faster because your audience can see and hear you.  As they see and hear you, you’re building up your “know, like and trust” factor with them, which builds your credibility and authority and brings in the leads and the sales.

Did You Know?

Here are some powerful statistics that should convince you that video marketing is something you should be doing….yesterday!

  • Video Marketing counts for 50% of ALL mobile traffic online
  • 78% of online users watch videos every week
  • 55% of online users watch videos DAILY
  • 2015 – video was 57% of all online traffic
  • 2017 – it’s predicted to increase to 69%
  • 2018 – predictions are for it to increase to over 79% of all online traffic
  • 67% of all online marketers found video marketing to be at least a somewhat successful marketing strategy
  • 18% of online marketers found it to be VERY successful as a marketing strategy

Thought About Doing Video Marketing?

If you’ve thought about it, NOW is a great time to incorporate it into your strategies online.  There are so many things you can do and with new platforms like Periscope, it’s easier than ever to get in front of your audience and let them see who you really are so they can connect with you.

If you’re a perfectionist…GET OVER IT!

If you want the BEST course on video marketing, along with some cool FREE videos, CLICK HERE.

People are not looking for the slick, highly produced videos anymore.  They want raw, real and even live-streaming if they can get it.  (like Periscope or Blab)

The main things is: are you delivering valuable content that they are asking for?

How do you know what they’re asking for?

Go where they are online and listen to what they’re saying.  What problems can you solve?  What pain can you alleviate?  When you figure this out and start doing videos about it, some of this amazing traffic will be yours!

Do you have questions on how to do video marketing?

Let me know, I bet I can help, so leave me a comment, email me or call me.  I’m here to help you build your business.

Also feel free to share with anyone looking to maybe do their first video, or they just need to get better at the video marketing they are currently doing.

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