Did you know that your words reveal you?

Your words absolutely matter.

So what are you speaking to others, about others, to yourself, or inside your head?

This is something that I became more aware of when a really good friend of mine and mentor Alice Hinckley, asked permission to help me with this. This was years ago, and she said, “Do I have permission to actually stop you when you’re saying something that doesn’t serve you?” I replied, “Absolutely.” I wanted to get better.

She started helping me become aware of what I was saying and what was happening with those words. You see, words will manifest. You may say, “I’m a wonderfully positive person. I always say great things.” Then when you’re by yourself and maybe you mess up, you beat yourself up and you say, “I can’t believe I did that again. I always do that. How I’m so stupid!” Those kinds of things really do matter, so you don’t want to say them out loud and you don’t want to think them.

Your words reveal you, and if you’re trying to attract people into your business and it’s not happening, this could be why. I heard this on a My Lead System PRO Wake Up call from an amazing leader named Diane Hochman. Diane is the queen of mindset.

She said, People are investing in hope when they’re investing in the business with you.”



People join people, not just a company, so they’re looking at you thinking, “Is this someone who is going to lead me? Is this someone who is going to help me?”

First thing they look at is you.

Now, that could be one on one over the phone, face to face or on social media.

Your Words Reveal You on Social Media

Not only should you be watching what you’re saying in person to people, what you’re saying to yourself, but what are you posting on social media?

What you like and what you share also reveals you, so take a look at your profile and see if there’s anything you need to clean up or hide from your timeline if you’re trying to attract people online.

Reveal Your Words To Yourself

If you are talking to people in person, be very aware. Here’s a great thing you can do to become more aware.

Make a list of the expressions that you use all the time.

Start to write down your words.

Take a look at what you’ve written and see, are these words that serve you or they don’t serve you?

Are they empowering or disempowering?

If disempowering, start to change these words. Even partner up with someone like I did who will stop you in mid-sentence and help you become aware of your words that are manifesting in your life.

This could be a huge key to making a big shift in your business. It may seem small, but it’s absolutely huge if you understand the power of your words.

Your words reveal you.

Figure out what they are.

Become aware of what you’re really saying, and change it. Change it for the better.

Become that leader that you want to follow.

Change your words…..and change your life!

If you enjoyed this tip, let me know. Leave me a comment below and share with anyone who needs help with understanding the power of their own words in their life.

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