So what two words are absolutely vital to the success of your business?

I’m at Ray Higdon’s Last Top Earner Academy Live in Tampa, Florida right now and getting so many golden nuggets!

I’ll be sharing my notes with you guys here on the blog and this is the first of many of those golden nuggets to help you have the right mindset to be successful in your home business.

If you’ve been in your home business for any length of time, you’ve had challenges. So how did you face them?
When the obstacles, challenges and roadblocks come, you’ve got to say “I’m doing this despite ________”.

Your words dictate your future, so choose them carefully!

Ever feel like you’re just plugging away and nothing’s happening yet?

Decide that you’re going to do home business “until” it happens.

Until you recruit your first leader

Until you reach your promotion

Until you can fire your boss

Until you get your 10 leads a day

When you have this attitude, you’re committed and know that success is only a matter of time right?

Right 🙂

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Til the next nuggets…

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P.S.: My good friend Justice kept at it UNTIL….he was able to FIRE HIS BOSS and he actually caught it on video.  

You can watch it right here….