Want More Prospects to Call You Back?

So have you ever set an appointment with a prospect, called them back and they weren’t there? yep, me too. Happens all the time right? Would you like to know how to increase your results in getting those prospects to call you back? If so, I have the strategy for you!

Ray Higdon is a prospecting master in network marketing and uses a 3 step voicemail strategy that gets prospects calling him back. There are some points to be made before you launch this system though:

Posture Posture Posture – So often in network marketing, most of us are sooo excited just to have a prospect, that we “hype” or “sell” them into taking a look.  Have you ever interviewed anyone for a job?  Or, have you yourself ever been interviewed?  Hopefully the answer is yes to at least one of those questions.  If so, think back to that interview.  If you were doing the interviewing, were you qualifying that person or “selling” them on the job? If you were being interviewed, was that employer asking you to “sell” THEM on why they should hire YOU, or the other way around?  Most would say there was a lot of qualifying going on either way.  You need to be thinking the same way in your network marketing business.  You are interviewing this person for a long-term business relationship.  The successful team members I have currently are people I talk to almost everyday and we have a great time building our business.  You want people who are going to come alongside you, build WITH you, do what they say, follow through and have integrity right?  Of course.  So as you approach a prospect, keep that in mind, that you are looking for QUALITY, not quantity.  It’s a posture, a mindset, that will permeate as you communicate with the prospect.  They need YOU and what you have to offer, not the other way around.

Tonality – HOW you say it is much more important than the exact, scripted words.  Your tone needs to be confident, busy, successful, going places…with or without them, when you leave these messages.

So now, let’s leave some killer voice mails!!  Ready?

1. First VoiceMail – At the appointment time

If they don’t answer, say this: “Hey _____, this is ______, give me a call when you get a chance.”

Notice I did not say: company name, did you watch the video? we had an appointment, where are you?, etc.  Keep it brief.

2. Second VoiceMail – 24 Hours after appointment time

“Hey ______this is ______, we were supposed to talk yesterday, hope everything’s ok.  By the way, if this is something that isn’t a fit for you, just respond back and let me know so we don’t waste each other’s time.”

This is a way to help them say no.  Sometimes people won’t answer your call because they’re afraid to tell you no.  Let them off the hook!  Let them know it’s totally ok if it’s really not for them.

3.  Third and Final VoiceMail – 48 Hours AFTER the Second, so 4th day, same time

“Hey ______ this is _______, haven’t heard from you, I’ve left you a couple of messages so I’m going to mark you off the list.  I will not be calling you about this ever again, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.  Take care!”

This last voicemail is the one, if any, where you usually get the call back.  People do NOT like to be excluded or “taken off the list” for anything 🙂  Leave this message, then MOVE ON.  There’s a magic in moving on….I promise!  You’ll be freed up to find quality prospects who DO return your calls.

So on the video below, this is how it would sound:

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3lvdXR1LmJlL2s1VkJvdU83SUFv[/video_player]

No matter how much you THINK this prospect would just blow up your business, if they are not responding, let them go.  Think about it: if they can’t even call YOU back, how will they be with customers or team members?  Will they be a good leader?

How someone does anything is how they do EVERYTHING.  Remember that one 🙂

To dive further into some killer tips on prospecting, check out Ray Higdon’s latest blog post here.

So did this post help out?  Are you ready to jump on the phone and try this out?  Let me know how it goes!

Happy Prospecting!