How to Plan Yourself into Success Starting with Small Goals

How’s your year going? Have you met or exceeded the goals you’ve set for yourself so far? If not, take heart…I’ve got some help for you today!Success

Whether you’re starting a new venture, or, you need to do a “re-set”, there are 3 things you can do right now to change the rest of your year.

1. Give Yourself Time to Learn

What’s that saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? It’s true for you and your business. There are some new skill sets you’ll need to learn so allow yourself time to do this.

1) Comparitis – Be aware though, you could get caught up in “comparitis”, watching others around you in your company breaking ranks in 20 seconds 🙂 Your journey is YOUR journey….put blinders on and…

2) Go To Work – Action cures ALL. It may not be perfect, it’s not supposed to be, but you have to get results to see what you need to change. If you’re training, studying, analyzing and “getting ready to get ready”, you’ll never move forward. Get some results, then tweak as you go.

2. Find Your Ideal Target Market

This step can go one of two ways:
1) You have NO IDEA who your target market is

You start thinking, researching, staring at the sky and burning incense….:)
This step has taken people YEARS if they let it. Don’t be that person! Get started in a direction, which I outline below…

2) You think everyone is your target market

Everyone wants to make money/feel better/get thinner/travel/save money/etc right?

While that may be true, the best marketers on the planet will tell you the more specific you get, the more you will make. So think about:
– who you identify with
– have the most in common with
– know the most about already
– who would you really like to “do life” with? what do they do for a living? what do they enjoy in their free time? do they have the same background as you?
Start here and you can tweak as you go.

3. Get in Front of Them

The name of the game is exposure, exposure, exposure. If you’re not exposing what you have to your target market, your business is not moving forward.

1) Offline

The fastest and cheapest way when you begin your home business is to start with your “list”, meaning those people who already know you.  These people might be willing to listen to your message at least to help you out, if not to join you in your business.

But they may not be your ideal target market and you’ll need to learn some marketing skills.

2) Online 

Definitely give your self time to learn in this area if you want to have success.  Most home business owners are not taught REAL marketing.  They’re just told “it’s easy, just call 3 friends and you’ll be successful”.  That’s almost NEVER true and flies in the face of any traditional business marketing training out there and will set any home business owner up for failure right from the beginning.  Since I care about you, I’ll tell you the truth:  learn how to generate your own leads!  I have a great article right here on generating leads…

Once you’re in front of them, ask for referrals and testimonials (videos are great).

You could also do a video, host a webinar to them, etc. Just keep getting in front of them with your message…your valuable message that they care about.

You’ll start to see positive results happening and your business will be growing!

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Have a great day 🙂





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