What is value and why is it so important? The marketplace pays for value. If you look at any TV show, celebrity, or movie star, why do they make a a lot of money? Because they provide value to their marketplace. Here are some definitions of what value really is.

Value could be a training, education, or it could be solving a problem. It’s “entertainment” in the celebrity world. It is making someone feel good, feel appreciated, inspired, or solving their problem.  There are 4 steps to provide value and if you are in the space that I am in, that’s what I’m doing everyday. A lot of times I end my videos saying “if this has brought you some value, please comment and share.”

Identify Your Target Market

First, you need to determine who your target market is. Identify who you want to talk to and who you want to work with. This is not necessarily what will work, it’s really who do you want to attract and help? What are you most passionate about? What gets “under your skin”? Whatever that is, it’s probably what you should talk about and who you should talk to.  What can you wake up everyday and create content around that just naturally flows from you? Something that excites you and you want to do? For example, are you passionate about helping people lose weight?  Do you love helping people save money on things?  What would you do everyday, even if no one paid you?  That might be something you should identify your target market around.

Identify the Struggles of Your Target Market

Okay, so you determine who it is that you want to talk to, then you identify the struggles of your target market. What are they going through? What problems of theirs can you solve? You need to go find them. You need to listen to their conversations, you need to read what they read, you need to be in the groups that they are in and see the language that they use. What are their problems that you can solve for them? Speaking of weight loss, go into groups on Facebook for losing weight and “listen in” to the conversations by reading the comments below the posts.  Pick up any health or fitness magazine and look at the titles of the articles: what problems are they solving?  Advertisers pay ALOT of money for market research and you can see on the front cover what that target market is looking for and you can use that for your content without paying millions.

Invest Time And/Or Money in Learning Solutions

Now that you know who your target market is and what problems they struggle with that you can solve, you want to invest your time and money in learning solutions to these problems. Figure out what it is that you can bring to these people to solve their problem. How can you solve it? With what can you solve it? Really immerse yourself in these solutions and use the “ILT” method.  This is Ray Higdon’s specialty where you:

  • Invest – time and/or money into educating yourself in something relating to your target market
  • Learn – a new skill or solution to their problem or get a result from what you invested in.
  • Teach – what you learned to your target market.

Provide Value By Conveying Solutions

There are various way you can provide value by conveying solutions to your target market.

You could create a blog.

You could do videos and upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

More Info on Videos

You could do Periscopes or Facebook Live, both of which are really hot right now.

You could do a valuable Facebook status update like an inspirational quote or picture.  You could also answer a question you’ve been asked often while coaching.

Best Way to Post Online

When you develop an email list, you can provide value by sending them solution-based content on a consistent basis via email using a system like Aweber

Whether it’s a post on your Facebook page, video, blog post, or periscope, it will provide value to your target market. You’re solving a problem and you’re giving them the answer they’ve been looking for.  This will keep them coming back to your site, wanting to consume more of your valuable content.  While they do this and engage with you, you are building the “know, like and trust” factor that is critical to be considered “valuable” in your marketplace.

Always remember: the marketplace pays for VALUE.

I hope you enjoyed these 4 steps for adding value. If you did, and you want to dive even deeper, check out The 3 Minute Expert Course HERE. This course is about becoming an authority in your niche by providing that value to your target market, which increases your income.

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