Do you utilize a 3 way call in your network marketing company?  We do and I thought I was pretty good…until I learned some new tips.

I’ve got 5 great tips for you today to do a better 3 way call.

Know How to Use Your Phone Before You Do the 3 Way Call

I know it may be assumed, but not everyone has used the 3 way call function on their phone.  If you haven’t, you can easily search on YouTube or Google for “how to do a 3 way call”  for your model and quickly get a tutorial.

Once you’ve watched the tutorial, make sure you practice how to do it with someone OTHER THAN YOUR PROSPECT.  The worst is when you get on the line with a prospect and don’t look like you know what you’re doing.  Grab a business partner or, even better, ask a good friend who hasn’t seen your business presentation yet and ask them to be your practice partner.  This way you accomplish two things at once: 1) show your friend your business and 2) practice the mechanics of a 3 way call with without a lot of pressure.

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Set Up the 3 Way Call in Advance

The person you may be using as your 3 way call “expert” or leader is probably very busy.  You need to confirm with them they’re free at the time you may need them.  The easiest and most efficient way I’ve found is a simple text, saying “are you free for a 3 way call at ____?”  When someone sends me a text like that, I confirm and if it’s a few days out, I’ll add it to my calendar.  Most of the time, I’m getting a text anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours out, so I can usually remember the time.

Qualify the Prospect Before Doing the 3 Way Call

Not every prospect needs to be connected with your 3 way call leader or expert.  If a prospect is negative, skeptical, cynical, or just doesn’t see it as an opportunity for themselves, save your time and your leaders time and do not utilize  the 3 way call.

Edify the 3 Way Call Expert

Now this is where I thought I was doing a pretty good job already, but I’ve now learned a new strategy that could change everything.

This new strategy helps move the prospect closer to a decision because it creates a posture that this is an exclusive opportunity to talk to a really busy leader.  It sets up the call, where the prospect may be more attentive, understanding that this is not just “Joe”, but a leader that could be spending their time with a lot of other prospects but they took a minute to talk to them out of their busy schedule.

In the video below, I go over what this should sound like:


Go On Mute

Make sure when you bring on your expert, you put YOUR PHONE on mute.  I have some very “blue” personalities in my business and they can’t help themselves and always want to talk while I’m talking.  If you do that, you completely destroy the credibility of the expert or leader.  When I start to wrap up the call, I hand it back over to the consultant, giving them the cue that they can come back on and finish the call, maybe get that person to a local meeting or next exposure or sign them up.

Did you enjoy these 5 tips for a great 3 way call in network marketing?  Have you used these before?

If so, let me know by leaving me a comment below and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Have an awesome day!

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