Have you ever had any MLM drama happen in your business? Well if you’ve been in business for more than a day or two, you probably have.

Some things that constitute MLM drama are:

  • The company did something that you didn’t quite agree with.
  • You had people that tried to cross recruit your team, to THEIR team in your same company. (has happened to me)
  • You had people that left and tried to recruit your people to another company. (also has happened to me)
  • Part of your team didn’t like their upline and only wanted to work with you and not them.

I could go on and on, but MLM drama is really anything that will hurt the growth and morale of your team and it’s culture.

So how do you handle this the best way?

Take MLM Drama Upline

I’ve heard many a mentor, beginning with Dani Johnson, say:

“if something is negative, you go upline.”

Your upline has the belief and commitment in place (usually) to weather MLM drama or any negativity.  If you have an issue that your company needs to resolve, your upline can also help with that.  A good upline knows to keep things confidential, not spread rumors about your or the issue, and help you see the bigger picture and get things resolved.

What if your upline isn’t active?  Go HIGHER.  There will ALWAYS be someone getting paid on your efforts in network marketing, that should be motivated monetarily to help you, even if you have to go to your corporate leaders.

Take All Things Positive Downline

If something is positive, you go downline to your team. What that means is when you get hit with MLM drama, do not call your team and talk or gossip about it.

Gossip spreads like wildfire but it spreads even faster in network marketing companies because of the nature of how we do business. One tiny little piece of MLM drama, could really destroy the morale and eventually destroy the team. I’ve seen it happen way too many times.

Remember this:  There are people on your team that are hanging on by a thread, hoping and praying that this thing is going to work.

They may not have as much conviction or belief as you do at this point in their business and may not have made any money or recruited anyone yet.

You do not want to destroy that tiny seed of hope and belief they have because its very fragile.  If you nurture that belief and keep things positive, you could be the leader that helps them change their life.  If you let MLM drama seep in and take hold of your team, it could destroy their chance of changing their lives forever.

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Go DOWNLINE with recognition, awards, words of encouragement, positive company announcements, birthdays, team building activities, etc.  Most people in network marketing will do more for recognition than they will for even money, so make sure you show your team how much you appreciate them!

Ultimately, every company is going to go through MLM drama and it’s how we handle it that will make a difference in how we stay together and how we grow as a team.

Did this post bring you some value?  Have you had to deal with MLM drama yourself?  Let me know by leaving me a comment below and sharing with anyone who needs to know how to handle MLM drama better.

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