Handling Rejection Like a Pro

Ever been rejected by a prospect in your business?  If you’re working your business AT ALL and inviting prospects to take a look at it, the answer is most likely a resounding YES!

In this audio, I go over the tips below on how to handle rejection like a pro:


What is posture anyway?  A great definition for our business is this: knowing what you have is valid without the need for acceptance or approval.  You’ve got to know where you’re going and, more importantly, WHO you are becoming…with or without that prospect.  They don’t make or break your business, you do…by deciding whether to get up every day and do the revenue-producing activities to make it successful.

Manage the Energy

I’m sure you may have had a prospect, after watching your presentation, say “this looks like a pyramid”.  The amateur jumps right into that, trying to refute or explain it away.  A better way is to manage the energy, pull away, by saying “sound like it’s not for, it’s not right for everyone”.  By “taking it away” from the prospect, they may actually “lean in” and want to know more.  You want to be pully not pushy, by attracting them back to you, not trying to close or push them into your business.  Also think about this: You’re about to enter into a long-term business relationship with this person.  Do you really want someone who is skeptical or negative, right from the start?

Be a Decision Collector – Don’t Be Addicted to the Outcome

I’ve had teammates who will call me, all excited about this one prospect.  They’ll talk for a solid week about all their so-called qualifications, how they are going to just crush it in this business, etc.  The consultant has already picked out their Maserati and Mansion and they haven’t even watched the presentation yet, much less said YES or NO.  And we’ve all done this to some degree.  We’ve all had that prospect that was soooo promising…until they watched the presentation….and told us no…not just no, but HECK NO!

We were soooo sure they were going to jump in and be our rock star 🙁

If you can make this shift in your mind, that you’re JUST collecting a decision, it could change everything.  Your blood pressure and heart rate should not change AT ALL, whether you hear a YES or a NO….whether it’s from the “king of network marketing” or the network marketing newbie.

Ask Ask Ask for Referrals

After you’ve said “sounds like this isn’t for you”, the next thing you can say is “Do you know anyone who wants to make some extra money if we showed them step by step how to do it?”

This question has two objectives: actually getting a referral AND possibly getting the prospect to lean back in.

Most people want to know 1) is it simple and 2) can I do it?

If you are telling them they’re going to get help and support, they might actually take a second look.  If not, no biggie, just move on to the referral.  Make sure YOU are the one introducing your business to the referral, NOT the person giving you the referral.  What I’ve found is since they are not engaged in your business, not excited and postured like you are, the request will fall flat to the referral.  If they say “I’ll just send your link to so and so…”, DON’T LET THEM!  Respond with “It’s actually best if I can connect live with them.  I’ll potentially be building a long-term business relationship with them so I’d like to just chat for a few minutes to see if this is a fit for both them and me.”  If they say they don’t know anyone to refer, usually that means (to me) they don’t see the value in your business, therefore can’t think of anyone who might.  Business people can be more open, even if they themselves say no, they might still refer you because they often see it as a viable business for a quality referral.

Ultimately it still really IS a numbers game and if you’re not getting the results you want, talk to more people, GET MORE REJECTION.

Yea!! Aren’t you excited now to get rejected?  The faster you do, the faster your business is about to explode 🙂

Did you get some value from this post?  let me know by leaving a comment here below and share this with anyone you know that’s struggling with rejection.

Now go out and get yourself rejected!!



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