Are you trying to recruit skeptical prospects? That person that is just not sure that this kind of profession is for them?

Most people are because they don’t have enough people to talk to.  They have a scarcity mindset and are trying to recruit anyone that will fog a mirror.

How to Respond to Skeptical Prospects

Skeptical prospects usually say something like this:

“I don’t know. I may want to try this, but I don’t know about this network marketing thing.”

A desperate person in network marketing might start convincing, selling, or “dancing” for that prospect but stop and think for a minute.

If you have to convince, beg, or sell this person into your business, how easy or difficult will it be to get them to take action in their business?  I can tell you from experience, it’s very difficult and usually doesn’t happen.  If someone doesn’t see it and is doubtful right from the beginning, it’s best to take it away from them and not recruit them.


Do The Takeaway With Skeptical Prospects

Best response for this skeptical prospect:

“You know what, I don’t think this is for you because if you’re already thinking that it won’t work, guess what, it probably won’t for you. No big deal.”

“I’d be happy to share with you success stories of other people that have made this work. I’ve personally paid off $21,000 worth of debt, bought a new car, have a residual income and time freedom now because of this profession. But none of that matters if you think it’s not going to work. If you think it could but are not quite sure yet, I might be willing to have you come to an event before I let you join. Ultimately I value our friendship and nothing has to change in that regard, whether you join or not.  I think you might like the service/product, so are you open to becoming my customer?”

That phrase “let you join” is one that most network marketers have NEVER said, but it works like a charm.  This phrase creates a posture that your team is exclusive and not everyone is allowed to join.

You are in the driver seat when you say this. You’re in control.  It really is up to you who you bring onto your team. This is your business and you are interviewing for a long term business relationship with this person. You want to see if this is someone that you want to work with. They’ve got to qualify for your team. If they’re already negative, skeptical, cynical, they’re probably not someone you want on the team.  You are not looking for anyone that just fogs a mirror. Trust me on this. I’ve done that, and when you bring on skeptical prospects, they’re already doubting before they ever start.

Tips on Recruiting

Recruiting Your Warm Market

Most of the time they drain the life out of you in the process. It’s like trying to carry someone on your back and that never works.

When you have skeptical prospects, listen closely. Listen closely for their attitude to see if it’s one of a winner, not a whiner.

Don’t be so eager that you finally got someone, anyone, to look at your presentation, and you’re so ready to close them in your business because you want to make some money. Trust me, the money that you make is not going to be worth it. It just won’t.

A lot of times, once you’ve done the takeaway, that skeptical prospect may actually lean in and want to know more.  But if they don’t, you just saved you and them valuable time and you can move on to the prospects who are more open to your opportunity.  There are millions of people looking right now for a great business and you have one for them!

So prospect with an abundance mindset, find the winners and build a huge network marketing empire!

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