Busy Prospects with bannerRecruiting Your Busiest Prospects and Finding Your Next Rock Star

We’ve all heard the “no time” objection in recruiting a million times, but how do you overcome it?

I have some tips for you in today’s article…

This is what the busy people might say when you’re trying to recruit them:

“I haven’t had time to look at that video”

“I don’t have time to take on anything else, I’m super busy with my job/family/etc.”

“Yeah, the money looks great, but I just started a new position and can’t dedicate any time to anything else. try me in a year…” (LOL)

Have you ever heard any of these? and you just want to scream, because you know that if they just took some time to look, they could maybe have MORE time in their life?
Most of the time if you’re getting these responses in your recruiting, you haven’t built enough value in the recruiting process for that particular person.

If they really believed what they were about to see could change everything trust me…..they would look.

Over and over, you’ll hear stories in home business about the super busy person who just KILLED it. Why is that?

1) They are doers, action takers, accomplishers in whatever they do. This would be no exception.
2) They know a lot of people JUST like them who could take less time and create bigger results because that’s how they do everything.

It burns me up when I ask someone for a referral and they say “Oh you need to talk to my broke brother-in-law who watches re-runs of COPS every weekend. He needs something to do right now”.

There’s a reason he’s broke….because of how he currently lives his life.

He may need your business like he needs oxygen right now, but he (barring a huge personal development makeover) may never be successful because of his mindset and work ethic towards business.

So how do you increase your recruiting skills and get these really busy, very successful people to listen?

Here are 2 Tips to Remember to Increase Your Success in Recruiting:

1.  Posture up

You’ve got something they probably don’t (at least most don’t ), which is the possibility of residual income. They may make a lot of money but typically spend a lot of time making it and have to go do it all over again every day.

In other words, they are “time-poor” but “cash-rich”.

Get this in your mindset before you talk to them. Recruiting Busy People

Don’t be arrogant, just know that “you’ve got the goods”.

2.  Ask the right questions

When they say they’re too busy, you say:

“Of all the things you currently do to make income (job/business/etc), which one(s) provide you with residual income?”

–now you may get a bewildered look from them because believe it or not, a lot of people really don’t know about residual income.

I honestly didn’t, until I learned someone else was making it off of my efforts…

then I learned real quick AND I wanted it ever since 🙂

The very wealthy do know about residual income and that’s how they make their money work for them.

If they look bewildered, rephrase like this:

“that means you work ONE time and get paid over and over for that work, make sense?”

Here’s a great article on closing questions to help you further with your recruiting…

Now do a take away (very powerful):

“This business may or may not be for you, but I encourage you, if you don’t currently have something building residual income for you, you need to go find that vehicle. If you don’t, you will always be working as hard as you are now to maintain the lifestyle you desire.”

This gets them to thinking and raises your credibility because you are now acting as a consultant and showing them that you have their best interests in mind.

If they are at ALL interested, this will make them lean into your opportunity and want to know more.

If they don’t lean in, they probably are not seeing the value yet for themselves.

Maybe they will down the road, just keep in touch with updates of your success, such as:
You promoted
You replaced your income with residual
You bought a new car
You paid off your debt
(all of the above I’ve accomplished so far with my business)
You’re basically loving life and they’re still doing the same thing they were doing a year ago, 5 years ago, etc.

If they want any of the above, they’ll reach back out to you and you’ll have a chance to get them started in your business.

Timing is everything and you really want to work with those that are ready to make a change.  Your job is to find those that are and help them…it’s that simple!

Did you like this article?  Was it helpful?  Please let me know by commenting below and sharing this with anyone you know in home business who struggles in recruiting busy prospects.

Happy Recruiting!

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P.S.: Need to sharpen your recruiting skills?  Here’s a great little course taken from a power prospector that has recruited over 1200 people into his business….