Can you help negative family members?  You’ve gotten involved in network marketing, you’ve discovered personal development and it’s a great place to be. The sky has opened, the clouds parted and it’s simply amazing because you now have hope for your future. You want to share it with those people in your life who you think could really benefit, those people that seem like things are terrible and they’re negative and they’re complaining and you know that they could be happier. Before you completely just lay into them with everything you’ve learned, take a step back. They may not take it as well as you think.

I made this mistake in the beginning. I thought network marketing and personal development was the best thing since sliced bread. I came home from an event and like crazy person, I gushed about how everything was so wonderful to my husband. He said, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife? Where is the person I married?” Shockingly, he wasn’t as excited as I was, because he hadn’t seen what I had. For awhile he remained pretty skeptical about this new “thing” I was doing.  The reason is, the people that know you, know you as you, the way you’ve been all these years. All of a sudden you get into network marketing, you discover personal development and you’re starting to change and grow, sometimes away from them.  They may feel threatened and will not be as receptive at first.

Get Permission From Negative Family Members To Share

The best thing you can do with negative family members is ease into it carefully.  You can talk to the negative family members that are complaining and ask them if they would like some suggestions. You can share with them that you’ve just learned something that maybe could help them. Be prepared, though, that they may actually say no. As crazy as it seems, some people complain because they like to, they actually ENJOY it! They’re comfortable complaining, it’s what they know, it’s familiar.  They may complain and SAY they want things to change, but they really don’t.If your family says “no” to learning more, be gracious and wish them well.  With my family I did throw up on them in the beginning and they raised their barriers of resistance to me because I wasn’t building any value at first with them. If someone says, “Yes, I would really like to change things. I would like to have a better outlook on life”, you’ve got tools you can give to them that are of real value. But if they aren’t receptive, don’t try to push it, just keep working on you and one day, you might attract them in your direction.

Show Results To Negative Family Members

Recently, things have started to change a little bit with a few negative family members because of the skills that I have learned.  I invested time and money in the only investment that gave me 100% return…myself.  I started to use these skills to help my own brother. It’s really exciting now because we’re able to make progress in his life that the family can see. They can actually see concrete results now of everything that I’ve been doing with my business and personal development. They see that I’ve been able to apply that to someone that they know and it’s really exciting. They’re starting to lean in and learn a little bit about what I do. Instead of telling your family how you could benefit them, SHOW THEM results. They might actually want to know more about it and you’ll have the chance to help the people you may care about the most.

I hope you enjoyed this tip about how to possibly change negative family members, if it’s even possible.  Know anyone else dealing with this?  Please share and bring them some value too!

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