What do you do when your prospect finds negative reviews on your company? You get back with them and they say, “I Googled your company and it wasn’t good.” I used to cringe, then I would get defensive. I used to say,

“Well, you know, everything on the internet is not necessarily verifiable.  We have a lot of great resources on our track record that I can send you…blah blah blah“.  

I would go into selling mode and start “dancing for my prospect”. (here’s my blogpost on that).  There’s a much better response that will keep your posture and may even get your prospect to want to know more.

Thank Your Prospect For Finding The Negative Reviews and Take It Away

I know it sounds crazy, but you want to thank them for finding the review.  A good thing to say is:

“Thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it.  The truth is if you are easily persuaded by what some random person that you don’t know says on a search engine where there’s no way that you can verify the information, then there is no way you are going to make it in this business. This is probably not a fit for you.”

Some might say this is a takeaway, but in reality, if you have someone that is talking about negative reviews, they probably are not a good fit. I’ve had that happen, recruited them anyway, and truly regretted it. They were waiting for the first little hiccup, the first little problem and they were out the door. They were done. They weren’t going to work their business. They were looking for a problem before they even started. That kind of person won’t make it in any networking company because of their lack of belief in themselves and their company. That kind of person will have a very difficult time being any kind of entrepreneur because their mindset is not right.

Let the Take Away Pull Them Back In

Sometimes the “takeaway”, or saying they’re not a fit actually may prompt some to say this about the negative reviews:

“Well, you know, I looked at it but I really didn’t believe what I read.”

I’ve had that happen as well and, after a few more conversations you might see that they really are a good fit. I’d still be a little cautious with that person who’s skeptical right off the get go with what they see on a search engine. You might want to ask them a lot more questions about WHY they want to do your business at that point to see how serious they are.  You can always give them a few assignments and see if they are motivated enough to complete them.  Get them to a local event if possible as a next exposure and see what their attitude is like after that.  Remember, you get to recruit who YOU want to recruit…your choice.  You are interviewing for a LONG-TERM business relationship.  Some of mine are now going on 10 years and I love my leaders on my team and couldn’t imagine trying to work with someone with a negative or toxic attitude.  I frankly won’t be around them long and you don’t have be to either!

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