I’m sure you’ve heard of the BBB, Better Business Bureau, but have you heard of the 3 B’s needed for success in your home business?

These 3 are so important, it’s really impossible to succeed, long-term without them:


So was this video helpful?  Let’s take an even closer look at these three:

1. Belief – this is a cornerstone for success in your home business!  When you’re just starting your business, you may still have some “limiting” beliefs in your head, maybe because you haven’t made much or any money yet and family and friends might be telling you your crazy 🙂  There are several ways to raise your belief level and all are so important.

One way is to make sure and plug in to your company’s events.  These could be local, regional, even big destination events that may only happen once a year.  All are vital to your level of belief.  Events could even be your weekly conference calls where you’re hearing about other reps who are having success and how they did it.  You start to believe “if they can do this, so can I!”  And you’re right…you certainly can.  The only person really stopping you is…YOU!!

The next way to raise your belief is to GET RESULTS, meaning GET PAID asap!  Make sure you know exactly what you need to do to make this happen, by getting coaching from your sponsor and your team.  They are financially tied to your success so they will be happy to show you the way.  Even if you’ve only made a few dollars, you can stand strong against the naysayers (usually friends and family) and proudly proclaim…YES, I’ve made money…ha!!  Thus proving to them and (more importantly) to yourself that you really did make a wise decision to invest in yourself and your new home business because it’s really working.

Create your vision board of your WHY–what this new business is going to help you accomplish.  It’s critical that you have pictures, statements and a clear vision of where you’re going.  Your mind is a laser-targeted missile and will focus on whatever you put in front of it.  So focus on your dreams!

2. Balance – we all live crazy lives and you just started a home business that will require some time invested to get it off the ground.  Keeping a balance while you do that will ensure that you’ll last long-term.  You may hear stories of people in your company sacrificing it all for 2-3 years to make it to the top.  They neglect family, friends, health, etc, saying “I’ll sleep when I get this next promotion” or “I”ll get fit once I’m making 10, 000/mo and can pay for a trainer” or “I didn’t see my family for 3 years while I soared to the top”, or “I drove/flew all over the country building my team”.  Granted, doing that for a very short time (90 day spurts) can be very effective.  At the Go Pro Mastery in Vegas with Eric Worre last December, we heard from many top leaders/millionaires who had done at least one 90 day run, which turned into a six-figure income or more.  They compressed time and got their business off the ground quickly. Then they came back at a later date and did it again.  When done this way, you don’t run the risk of  your family and friends completely resenting your business and neglecting your health since it’s only 90 days at a time and they are well-informed that the short-term sacrifice will produce a very lucrative long-term gain.  Also, when you are proclaiming that you’ve “sacrificed it all”, most people looking at your business are thinking “I can’t do that, I work a full-time job, have a full-time life, etc”.  You just made yourself UN-duplicable…the kiss of death in our type of business!

3. Business – You must treat your business like a business—big shocker I know 🙂  Lots of people in our profession don’t though. They get their distributor ID and treat it like the lottery, hoping for that ONE big fish to come in that will make them a millionaire.  Every big leader can tell you it doesn’t happen like that.  The BIG FISH may come in, but after you’ve consistently and persistently worked it like a business…day after day after day.

Treating it like a business does not mean you have to quit your current job or traditional business.  On the contrary, what actually works best is if you keep working and you build this part time.  Jim Rohn called it the “magic” of part time.  The “magic” is the fact that as you work this on the side, others start to see your life change.  Maybe you’re sitting next to a co-worker who sees you take an extra vacation, not just to the local waterpark, but somewhere really cool…maybe Mexico, or the Bahamas.  They see you paying off debt, buying a new car, changing your life right in front of their eyes.  They may ask you how THEY can do it too and you now have a new business partner…awesome!

The difference in treating your business like a business, not a hobby has nothing to do with whether you can work it full-time or part-time.  It has EVERYTHING to do with your attitude and level of commitment towards it.  When you treat it like a business, you plug in, you register for the company events and you plan your free time strategically to continually be contacting new prospects every day, or at least every day that you SAID you were planning to work you business.  Use a calendar to show you the tiny pockets of time that you can use.  In my business, we are constantly “taking it with us” because we believe everyone we meet is a potential business partner or customer.  If you’re constantly on the go, use the calendar in your smartphone to remind you of follow up calls you’ve scheduled.  You can easily make these on your commute to/from work and even possibly on your lunch hour.  Many of our top leaders started building their business in 15 minute increments.  The reason it worked for them was that they were prepared for those 15 minutes and did the activities that paid them the highest amount of money, which is prospecting 🙂

I hope this in-depth look at the 3 B’s was helpful.  There’s LOTS more where that came from, so I’ll be diving into more tips and strategies to help you down this incredible road to success in your home business.

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Have a wonderful weekend!