Have you ever gotten the job objection when prospecting in your network marketing business?

It would’ve sounded something like this: “Oh I can’t do your business, I can’t let anything interfere with my job, so I wouldn’t be able to prospect.”

How did you handle it?

My Epic Fail Responses to The Job Objection

I know when I started, I didn’t handle the job objection very well.  My responses ranged from:

  • thinking of that person as beneath me because they were in a job and liked it and not as enlightened as us “amazing” network marketers (pretty arrogant right?)
  • trying to convince them that they could work it in on the their lunch break, after work and weekends
  • challenging them (one of the worst responses) about how serious they were in achieving their _______ (whatever they said they wanted from the business)
  • trying to help them think of who they know outside of work that they could prospect

None of these responses to the job objection brought the desired result, aka, a new team member, believe it or not (haha).

Prospecting on Facebook

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Then I found the secret trick to handling this objection that the top earners use.

Crush the Job Objection with This Secret Trick

When you use this trick, you will:

  • make them feel good about their job AND you
  • find out if it’s a smokescreen objection (not real, they were just trying to be nice but really wanted to tell you they weren’t interested)
  • get to the real objection
  • find out if they’re really qualified to work with you
  • get them to possibly “lean in” and want more
  • be happy to refer you to others who might be open

I outline the secret here in the video:


Pretty amazing secret right?

Have you ever used this response with a prospect when they gave you the job objection?

If so, let me know by leaving a comment below, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to share with anyone who’s been struggling with this objection and needs a better way to handle it for more success!

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