How Would You Like to CRUSH the “I Want To Think About It Objection?”

How many of you get that all the time?

Yes, that was me. I still do, and now I have a better way to handle it.

I was on a webinar last night, and I learned some new ways to crush the “I have to think about it” objection.

You have a prospect. They watched your video. Maybe they go to a meeting. They’ve seen the business presentation, and you say, “Hey, what did you like about what you saw?”

They say the dreaded objection: “I just need to think about it,” and you go, “Aah!?!”

“What exactly do you need to think about?” Is what you’re thinking right?

What Did You Miss?

Look back at your presentation and think about,  what could you have possibly missed that’s still rolling around in their mind?

Time to start asking some great questions

Here are some great questions to help crush the “I Want To Think About It” Objection

“What do you think is going to change between today and tomorrow? What could possibly change in your mind?” 

Maybe they need to check their bank account, check with the spouse, etc.  Some people need to move money around in accounts and there are spouses who always consult with each other before making decisions.

“Is there new information about the company that you’re going to need?”

If they say “Well, I just need to research the company.”:

A great response from you would be:

“Listen, where are you going to go to do research?” Good question right?.

Most of the time they’re going to say Google. There are varying ways to handle this. You could go ahead and assume the “google” objection and say,

“Listen, as you know anyone could put anything on Google, whether it’s true or not, don’t you agree?.”

Here’s a really strong response that requires some posture: 

“Well, if you’re actually going to go to Google to do your research on our company then I don’t think this is for you.”

That takes some guts, don’t you agree?  It might make them take a step back for a second.  What usually happens after that, is….they take a step forward.

You’re being “pulley” here, not “pushy”. They may be thinking, “Whoa, what did you just say?”

This phrase is serving me well in recruiting, you might want to remember it:

you’re not right for everyone, and everyone is not right for you.

“We can recruit anyone,” is what we normally hear in network marking, but you don’t want just anyone.

You want someone who is strong, who has integrity, who is bold, who’s committed, who’s ambitious, and who’s going to have a 10-feet tall and bulletproof armor when they go out and talk to people.

You want somebody with conviction. You want somebody that knows that they want to do this.

They know they want to change and they’re ready to do something about it.

“Do you need to come to a training and see how we do what we do?”

That has been a great place for me to handle this objection. Training could be on a webinar, it could be live. Some people just need the question answered “Is is simple, can I do it?”

A training can really lay that out for them very well.  You can even do a takeaway for the training by saying

“Typically we have lots of people make a decision after attending a training because that’s where we really get down to business.  You’ll spend a little time with us and will know, by the end of the training, if you can see yourself doing what we do.” — this works!!

Take them to the next step, but don’t string it out forever.

Here are some more great tips on handling objections in prospecting and closing.

If you have someone who keeps saying they need to think about it, you may need to go ahead and tell him, “I just don’t know if this is for you if you’re got to think that much. You may not be ready. It may not be the right time,” and move on.

Get moving, find a new prospect, find someone who is ready who does not have to think about it too much.

There’s one thing I know, leaders make quick decisions. They don’t say “I Have to Think About It” too often.

I made a quick decision, the leaders on my team made a quick decision, and then they got into action, and that’s who you’re looking for.

Crush that “I Have to Think About It Objection” or walk away from it.

Did you enjoy this post?  Leave me some comments, let me know and share this with anyone needing helping crushing this objection.

Give me some feedback of how you have handled this objection, I’d love to hear!

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