Prospect or Suspect?

If you’re new to network marketing, you may be thinking “I just want to get SOMEONE in my business!” If you’re NOT new, you understand that is the LAST thing you want, because it becomes a total liability, when you have to drag them across the finish line.

So how do you tell, from the very first conversation if you’re dealing with a REAL qualified prospect….or a suspect??

1. Listen and watch

Ask really good questions and you’ll learn a lot. The person asking the questions is definitely winning in our game of network marketing. You’re not only listening for answers, you’re listening for an attitude or mindset. How do they view the world? is the glass “half empty” or “half full”? Does everything happen to them? or are they in control? What is most important to them? Watch their activities or listen to where they spend their time and you’ll find out real quick.

2. Do they rise to the challenge?

You want to know if this person you are talking to is really ready to make the changes necessary to turn their life around. If you give them an assignment, do they give you an excuse? If you tell them they need to be at an event, do they tell you they can’t make it? or they “do what it takes” to get there? I’ve seen people who had no money figure out how, because they wanted it bad enough. Anyone can, if they are really ready to make that change.
In this video, I share a story recently told at our company event that brings this point home, so watch and see if you are dealing with a “suspect” like this one, or a real prospect who is ready to tear this thing up and change their life!

Did you like the story?

Have you dealt with a prospect/suspect like that one? If so, how did you handle it? Did these responses help you for when you run into one of these “suspects” again?
Hope so!

If this video brought you some value, leave me a comment here below and share this with anyone you know in our profession who might be struggling with “suspects” and needs to know how to handle them better.

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Your Suspect Detector,
Elizabeth Oliva