Prospecting by Texting for Home Business?? Yes!!

So how many times in your home business career have you been told: “Don’t ever prospect over a text/email/FB message”?

If you’re like me, over and over and over…until now.

Eric Worre has been testing a concept that he is now sharing with the whole profession about prospecting and it can explode your business!

We all know times have changed and more and more, people are not answering their phones directly.  They WILL respond to text messages though.  It’s quick and efficient in our crazy busy worlds right?

What’s the objective of the text?

It’s only to schedule an appointment, NOT to prospect.  There should be no mention of invite, “are you open”, “opportunity”, company name, etc.  It’s JUST to get in front of them.

Next, who is this for?  Cold or warm market?  It’s definitely for warm market.

Check out my video on how to do this:

Here’s more detail on this prospecting by texting strategy:

What does this kind of message look like?

“Coffee next week?  Tues or Thurs?”

“Hey what’s your schedule next week?  I’d love to grab lunch and catch up”

“When can you get together for lunch/coffee/dinner?”

~~something like that 🙂

So here are some of the reasons this works so well:

1. It’s EASY – you tend to get less objections for just getting together

2. It’s FAST – you can do this at a break, before bed, during commercials if you’re watching TV, at a stoplight or in traffic while you’re standing still…get the idea?

3.  It CREATES ACTION – the MOST important reason!  action that happens FASTER than calling because people are not afraid to text, they do it all the time.

4. It CREATES RESULTS – when we were in Vegas at the Go Pro event, 6,000 people live and another 6,000 online were able to set at least ONE appointment and many set several…in ONE hour.  Incredible results!  This increase of appointments = increased meetings = increased views of your business = SUCCESS!

So what if you get objections?

Here’s the most common and how to handle them:

1. “So why do you want to get together?”

Answer:  “I’ve got a project I’m working on that I’d like to share with you”

OR: “I’ve got an idea I want to run by you”

OR: “I have something I think you’d find interesting”

2. “I’ll get together as long as it’s NOT about MLM/Network Marketing/Your business”

Answer: “All I want to do is to get together, I’m not trying to sign you up for anything/get you to sell anything”

Now, the important thing with this one is that you do JUST THAT.  BACK OFF of your business for this meeting and build the relationship because they obviously have some psychic damage with networking marketing or MLM.  Now they will probably ask you how your business is going and you have a chance to say this:

“Now that you’ve brought that up, why did you say what you did earlier?

Have I pushed too hard in the past and turned you off?  If so apologize and say “I just wanted to share with you what I’m doing, no pressure”.

Do you have a negative experience with network marketing?  Sounds like you have a story?  What’s your story?”

Once you have a chance to have a real honest conversation, you MAY get the chance to share your business.  Don’t push it though, just build and nurture relationships at this point.

Remember…The way you approach someone for your business is the way they think it’s normally done.  If they can’t see themselves doing what you do, they’ll always so NO.  So make sure you’re professional about it…always.

This can also happen if the only time you contact them is about your business.  People can feel when it’s all about you, not them 🙂

Ask yourself that question: “Is the only time I contact this person to update them on my business, not just to see how they are doing as a friend?”  

If your answer is yes, strive to change that today.

So your only goal with these meetings is to: MEET AND SHARE.  The more times we do this in our business, the more likely we are to GROW our business and isn’t that what we all want?  Of course!

Here’s a link to the full training done by Eric Worre: 

So was this helpful?  Have you actually starting using this method?  I’d like to know and here about your results so shoot me an email, give me a call, or leave me a comment here below on this blog post.

If you got value from this, go ahead and share it with your team and help them explode THEIR business too!

Til next time…happy texting!



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