How to Do Your Prospecting with Posture and Confidence

Do you get frustrated prospecting, when you have prospects that just won’t commit to watching your short video presentation for your home business?

You’re not alone if you said YES!  Most people struggle with this and it usually boils down to Posture and Confidence.

In this video I share two different approaches to help you have a better success rate so you can get those appointments sooner rather than later, with lots of


So have you tried these approaches before?  If not, start today and remember to take a minute to assess which approach would be best for the prospect you are thinking of.  Not all approaches work for all people, so heads up!

If you have, I would love to hear your experiences – good, bad, and crazy!

Did this post bring you some value?  Please let me know by dropping me a comment below here on my blog and sharing with someone you know who could use a little help in the prospecting department too 🙂

Off to do more prospecting of my own,


Elizabeth Oliva





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