Do you do cold market prospecting?

If you so, I’ve got some great follow-up tips for you.

In cold market prospecting, you want to be able to follow-up effectively with these prospects so you can recruit them into your business.

I recently learned some great tips that I picked up from Ray Higdon’s podcast. Don’t know about his podcast?  You should if you are building a network marketing business.  I absolutely love his podcast because it’s tiny little bits of training, three minutes here, five minutes there, and you can fit it into your day.

More Prospecting and Closing Tips

Get Better Closing Ratios with These Tips

Cold Marketing Prospecting Face to Face

Scenario number one is maybe you are eating in a restaurant, your server has been great, and you want to prospect them.

First of all, be in a hurry. Then ask them as you’re leaving,

“Listen, I’ve got to run, you got to run, but I’m just curious. Are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re doing here at the restaurant?”

If they say yes, you respond with

“Listen, I’m going to grab your number. Let me call you back,”

and you enter it into your cellphone or have them write it down on the back of a receipt.

Then you say, “I’m really busy, but I promise I will follow-up with you. If I don’t get back to you tomorrow, I will get back to you in the next two days.”

When you call them back, ask

“Is this a good time to chat?”

You don’t want to say, “Is this a bad time?” Why?

There are some people who recommend saying the “bad time” in cold market prospecting but this plants a seed in their mind to think about it as a bad time and they’re going to tell you, “Yes, it’s a bad time.” Saying, “Is this a good time to chat?” helps them think positively and more likely to say yes.  When they do, say,

“Listen, I’m calling you back like I promised and I want to get you in front of the computer so you can see the details to see if this might be a fit.”

Get them in front of the computer to see your video or presentation and you can go from there.

Cold Market Prospecting Sight Unseen

Have you ever collected business cards off a bulletin board?  I go to promotional product shops, printing places and even gas stations or restaurants and they usually have a lot of cards on the wall.

You can grab a bunch of those cards and this is someone you haven’t met before. Since you’re calling them from their card, look at their card before you call.

Make sure you know what they do. Maybe they’re in landscaping,  a realtor, in mortgage, something like that. When you call them back, say,

“Hi (first name), I ran across your card recently. Are you still doing (occupation on card)?  I’m just curious, are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re doing in (occupation) right now?”

If they say yes, they’re open, then you schedule a time. If they’re in front of a computer, do it right then. If they’re not, schedule a time when they can be in front of the computer and they can see your presentation.

These tips will help you have a little more posture in cold market prospecting and approach these prospects in the right way.

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