Stop Trying so Hard!

I know I know.  You want your network marketing business to work soooo much and it just doesn’t seem to be moving.  Why the heck is that? In my network marketing career, I have been guilty of this very thing.  When I started, I made the mistake of jumping in full-time with no job to support myself.  I did that before with my traditional business and, flying by the seat of my pants, I made it work with sheer grit and determination.  What I didn’t know about this profession is that approach will NEVER work for a few reasons:

  1. The Money – you need moolah to pay the bills and sometimes your network marketing business may not produce what you need right away because you are dependent (can be good and bad) on other people’s efforts, not just your own.    If you don’t make the money you need to make right away, a desperate feeling can start to take over, prospects pick up on that and you have now provoked an objection from them.  Usually it’s “I don’t have the money”.  Why?  Because that is what YOU are dealing with at the moment.  Funny how that works Smile
  2. The Magic of Part TimeJim Rohn coined this phrase long ago and it still holds true.  I didn’t understand at all how powerful this really was and spent years (not months) working my business the wrong way.  You see, when you are working a full-time job and building your business on the side, you are what we call “duplicable”.  As you start making that extra income with your business, those working with you see your life change—maybe it’s a new car, extra vacation to somewhere really cool, or you’re paying off debt (like me).  They see you, day after day, working the same hours as them, similar family activities, etc., and they start to wonder “maybe I could do what Liz is doing and pay off some of my debt, take a vacation, buy a new car”.  When this happens, you will find you won’t have to ask them to take a look at your business, they will ask you…exactly what you want.  You want to attract, not sell Cool  You want to create curiosity, so that they are compelled to ask you how you did it because they now want what you have.
  3. Focus vs. Obsession – Focus is good in this business, obsession is not.  What do I mean by that?  You want this business to work soooo much that you sacrifice everything else in your life while you work it.  You tell yourself: “I’ll be able to spend time with family, take time to workout, rest, etc., once I’ve reached financial freedom”.  The problem with this statement or belief is it is completely unbalanced and unhealthy.  You start to create a life that no one, including you, will want to continue living.  Those living with you and closest to you will definitely NOT want to hear about your business and will start to resent it because they don’t want that kind of life.  I’m here to tell you, you can build this thing while having a life.  Network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit.  What does that mean?  You work this into your existing life, around faith, family, and health.  You learn to be prepared, disciplined and laser-focused with tiny bits of time as you build your business.  Because of the wonderful tools available now with technology, you can invite a prospect to take a look in just a few minutes while you’re driving to work or at your lunch break.

Remember, this is a people business.  You lead this volunteer army by example and the first example you want to give a prospect is that this is a fun, simple business that they can do that will enhance their life, not take it over.  From the moment they start interacting with you, your behavior will determine if they want what you have.  People first  join YOU, not just your business,

so stop trying so hard!

Too busy making a living pic

Go out with a grateful attitude about what you have RIGHT NOW, not in the future when you “make it”, but right now.  Be yourself and share your wonderful opportunity that could radically change their life, for the good, forever!

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Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend