You just started your network marketing business and the future is so bright!  You have visions of a life of freedom, a beautiful home, car, vacations and truly living it up.  Your leaders have told you to go make a list of EVERYONE you know in your warm market, no matter what they do or how you know them or IF you think they would do this with you, just write ’em all down.  Then they tell you to call all of them and introduce them to your new business.  You see these wonderful families on stage at your convention, talking about how they work their businesses together and you think “how awesome is that?  I can now help the people I care the most about!”  Then you make that first call to your brother, who has a thriving business and you thought he would jump all over this, but……he tells you it’s a scam, you’re going to jail and you better not even THINK of talking to anyone else in the family and bothering them with your “little” pyramid scheme.

Warm Market

Warm Market

Ouch!  Does this sound familiar?????

If you’ve been around network marketing for any length of time it should, because this is what we’re all typically taught to do.  Warm market is still our very least cost/fastest group of connections that we can make, but there are some definite truths and secrets that your leaders may not be telling you, that they actually use with their warm market that brings results.

Warm Market Truth #1

Your Invite is Everything — Don’t forget, they KNOW you….like really — Unless you’ve been a very successful business person up to this point in your life and people come to you for advice on how to make money, your friends and family may not hear your “money” message.  It absolutely matters HOW they know you as to how you should approach your warm market, so think before you talk.

Eric Worre has some amazing approaches for warm market in his script books that you can find HERE.  

Pick one that makes sense and sounds like you when talking to your friends and family.  Don’t get all weird, to where they look at you funny and ask “what did you do with my friend?” 🙂  Being weird never helped anyone recruit…well, anyone.

Warm Market Truth #2

They’re probably not going to join your company–at least not yet — realize that most of your warm market will probably NOT join you in your new business right away.  Yes, I know, I know….your company is the one that’s going to change their mind about network marketing because it’s different.  There’s always a chance of that, but don’t go pick out your Maserati just yet 🙂

Approach them from the customer side first — this can work VERY well, especially if you have done “one of these things” before and you’ve approached everyone in your warm market about your other businesses in the past.  A great way to invite would be “I know this business is not for you, but I think you’d really enjoy the product/service”.  See if they would try it out and become your customer.  As you continue to build your business, they might just upgrade themselves to working with you, once they see you’re serious.

Warm Market Secret of the Professionals

Ask for referrals— I love this approach, it just feels really comfortable for me.  You could say “I know this business is not for you, but I’m looking for sharp, motivated people like you that are open to building something with me on the side.”

I have a great post on getting quality referrals from your warm market here.

If they ask you to email or text the link, don’t ever do this!  Let them know you need to speak with the referral to see if they are even a fit for your team (interview/recruiter style approach).  If they’re open themselves, they will let you know and they’ll feel more comfortable to do so at this point.

Ultimately, make the decision that you will be building your business with…or without your warm market, because you’re a professional, not a “hobbyist”.   Professionals keep looking for more and more exposures all the time and they work their business until…..they reach their goal.

Did this post help you?  Let me know by commenting below,  I’d love to hear your feedback!

To Your Success with Your Warm Market,


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