What do most (if not all) very successful and wealthy people have in common?  They share this one trait.

It’s about how they make decisions.

How quickly do you make decisions, and how long do you stick to those decisions?

The answer could be determining how successful you are or will be in the future. Research has shown that how someone makes decisions could separate the unsuccessful from the successful.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, they analyzed several hundred very successful people who had amassed great fortunes at the time, well beyond a million dollars in 1937 (probably in the billions now).

Successful People Do This Quickly, Unsuccessful Do Not

In his chapter about decision, he said that the very successful people they had interviewed made decisions quickly and changed them very slowly.

Unsuccessful people however, he said, without exception, (he italicized this) made decisions very slowly and change them often.

When I opened up my traditional business back in the 90s, I made a really quick decision.  I had to bring money in, I saw an idea and I went for it.

successfulDid I know exactly everything before I started?  Absolutely not! I figured it out along the way, which is what a lot of traditional entrepreneurs do. Of course I made my mistakes but I learned from every single one of them and kept going.

When I started my network marketing business, I made a quick decision. I took a look, it made absolute sense to me, and I got started. It was very simple.  Again, mistakes were made, but I was in action and figuring it out.  Because I didn’t quit, I have residual income today, which I’m very grateful for!

Have you ever had a prospect that kept “thinking about it”? I know I’ve had some of these because I’ve been in my business for several years.

When I first got started, I would approach them and they would say, “Oh no, I’m great.”

A couple years would go by, I would run into them again and they would say, “Oh yeah, I’m going to call you, I’m still thinking about it. (this is the line that gets me) If I ever do this business, I’ll be doing it with you!”

Another couple years would go by….same thing!

That person is always going to be where they are. They’re never ready to jump off of ground zero. They’re never ready to take action. It would drive me crazy, knowing how much they really needed to do this business.  The key word is needed.  There are a lot of people you will prospect that need your business, but they don’t have the desire, vision or dreams to change their current situation.  They’ll never make a decision, much less a quick one.

Therefore, their lack of success is going to be based on that, their inability to make a quick decision that they will commit to long term.

Think about yourself: do you make quick or slow decisions?  Are there areas of your life where you could make a decision more quickly and get into action?

That’s what successful people do and I’m going to guess (since you’re here on my blog) you want to be more successful too!

Did you enjoy this tip?  Go get the book if you haven’t already and read it, then read it again.  It’ll change your life if you apply what’s in it.

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