How successful are you, and how do you know?

Do you have a benchmark to determine how successful you are?How to Be More Successful Than Others


It’s HOW you take action.

There is a simple a 3-step formula that Eric Worre talked about at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Vegas that outlines this difference.

3 Step Formula for Success

What is this simple three-step formula that Eric Worre talked about?

He was talking about the game plan.

As we left that event, what were we going to do, and how to make things happen in our business in a way that we’ve not made them happen before.

He said that unsuccessful people do it one way, and successful people do it another way as far as taking action.

3 Step Formula for Unsuccessful People

Unsuccessful people figure things out first,

then they say yes,

then they tell the world.

They have to have everything in place, in order before they can make a move.  Unsuccessful people end up being stuck often because of this.

3 Step Formula for Successful People

They say yes,

then they tell the world,

and then they figure it out.

You see, successful people just need to know where they’re going, and they will find a way as they go, as they are in action.

There’s something magical about that for your brain.

When you announce it to the world, and you state where you’re headed, and what you’re going to do, you actually start working towards that.

Everything in your being starts to move in the direction of your goal because that is what you’ve already stated, what you’re focusing on.

You’re not focusing on where you currently are, but where you’re going and finding a way.

It’s kind of like when you make a goal and you put it out there.

Here’s another great article on seeing clearly where you’re headed to be more successful.

I remember I was so scared to put it out there that I was going to pay off my debt.

I thought, “What if it doesn’t happen?”

I decided to act boldly, so I wrote down the goal of paying of $21,000 in debt.

I said it’s going to happen by this date, and you know what…

we did it, so it really does work!



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