Do You Suffer From LDD – Lead Deficit Disorder???

No matter what home business you’re in, you’re NOT in business if you don’t have people to talk to, aka PROSPECTS. There are two types of prospects:

1) People you know  

2) People you don’t know…yet 🙂

So how do you find them?

People You Know – Hot or Warm Market

Have you seen that person in your company that just got started, has promoted twice in 30 days and doesn’t even know how they did it?  It’s because of their influence with their warm or hot market.  Most home businesses teach their new people to talk to the “warm” market – family, friends, coworkers, business contacts, etc. This has worked very well for many years in network marketing and may work for some long term, when they have influence with those around them as an entrepreneurial person.   But what if you’re like me and you don’t have that?  What do you do?  I have great news for you….

People You Don’t Know – Cold MarketBiz Card Pile

Offline – Belly to Belly

If you don’t have a stellar warm or hot market, you can increase your skills and join networking groups, meet up groups, pick up a hobby, volunteer for a charity or simply go out and about and find ways to add new people to your list by building new relationships.  If you’re working a full-time job and have a full-time life with spouse and kids and activities, your time is very limited to go out and do these kinds of things.  So eventually, you will need to find a more efficient and leveraged way.

Online – Active Prospecting

There are 1.39 BILLION active Facebook accounts at the time of this article and more being opened every second of everyday.  There’s literally a OCEAN of people online just on that platform alone that might be looking for what you have.  You can learn how to effectively reach out to them through skillful searching for your ideal prospect, then messaging them in a way that will pique their curiosity and compel them to respond.

Don’t know how to do this?  There’s definitely a RIGHT way and  WRONG way to do this.  Here’s a quick audio on examples of messaging:


In a nutshell, on social media, make a friend, not a sale at first. When messaging, think about “how can I add value to this person?” When you do that first and get to know them, they are much more open to hearing about your business eventually.

And NEVER send and unsolicited link, either in a post or in a message.

That’s the KISS OF DEATH because you let everyone know what you’re up to without talking to them first. They’ll go google your company, find something negative and you’ll NEVER get to talk to them.

They’ll even tell their friends to avoid you.

Instead, show lifestyle pictures and make them curious enough to even reach out to you first.  There’s more in-depth training on the RIGHT way to Recruit and Build a Huge Local Team on Facebook right here.


SM IconsOnline – Passive Marketing (Attraction Marketing)

This is where LEAD GENERATION comes in.

You want people to come to YOU, be attracted to YOU and reach out to YOU to be a part of your business. This is also known as ATTRACTION MARKETING and has become a great way for home business owners to expand their reach and generate leads for their business. If you don’t have a blog yet and have no clue how to do any of this attraction marketing thing, there’s hope because you can learn, just like I have.

A lot of people start with social media, like Facebook and Twitter, building a fan page and producing valuable content for their fans or target market.   If you have a blog, the most important thing you can be building is YOUR LIST.

This is the group of people who have “opted in” to your content and look forward to hearing from you every week, if not every day. When you have a list of avid “fans”, you need to be providing consistent, congruent content to them.

Design your content around what they want to hear. How do you know?

Go hang out where they hang out on social media and LISTEN to the conversations they’re having.

What books do they read?

Go to Amazon and find those books, read the reviews and start noticing the words and phrases your target audience is using. Then when you design your content, use THEIR words.

When you get good at this, you’ll have comments of “you just read my mind” 🙂

No, you just paid really close attention to what they were already saying in the places they hang out….pretty cool huh?

You can even email your list and simply ask: “Thanks for being on my email list, I wanted to reach out to you and find out what are you struggling with in your business? What can I help you with? What is the #1 thing you feel is holding you back from success?

People want help, they want intimacy and they’re tired of the big “guru” marketers who only email their list when they want them to buy something. By asking them this question, you’ll get valuable “market intelligence”.

Grab my best resource on how to get better at going online here (includes a free Facebook Cheatsheet too!)


If you know what they’re struggling with and can speak to that and bring value, you’ve made it. 🙂

Go for the relationship, create consistent, congruent content and engage with your list and let them know you’re a real person.

Always put your email and phone number at the bottom of your communication so they can reach out to you.

Then….answer their call and/or return their email 🙂 They’ll be shocked that you actually did and THAT will make you stand out!

I look forward to sharing the next Pillar with you soon,






P.S.: Would you like to know more about how to find the people online that are already looking for you?  Here’s a video of a friend of mine who was able to FIRE HIS BOSS because of finding this killer training platform that taught HIM how to do that….