Do You Have a System?

Every great business on the planet has a system of some kind and so should yours. But what does it look like in Systemsnetwork marketing?
Most every network marketer enters their business looking for a way to create freedom — time and money usually. If you don’t have a system in place, neither of these freedoms will ever happen and you’ll still be working as if you have a job, with no real leverage.

Daily Routine

Do you have one for your business? or do you just work your business whenever you “feel” like it? If so, then your income probably shows it too unfortunately. And if you think you need more time, you’re actually wrong. It’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of HUNGER — how bad to you want those freedoms?

It’s a matter of TIME MANAGEMENT with your daily routine. Your time management will determine the velocity of your success.

A lot of part-time network marketers think quitting their job and going “full time” would be the answer to exploding their business. Use this test first: If you’re not making the money you need part-time, going full-time will not solve that problem. It’s usually a matter of focusing on your best revenue producing activities that makes the difference.

What a System is NOT

1) You doing everything for your team instead of teaching them where to find the info for themselves
2) You repeating the same info on one to one coaching calls all day long
3) You constantly calling your team, everyday, to get them to go to work
All of these things can make YOU feel important, needed, etc, but you’re actually crippling your team. You’re harming their duplication and isn’t that what we want in network marketing? More duplication?

What a System IS

You’ve got to start pointing them to TOOLS.
When you get that rep that has a question and wants to “pick your brain” for 30 minutes, instead of doing that, say:
“that’s a great question, and I have a blog post on that right over here” (or go create a post for that) or
“I’ll make sure to cover that on our call this week so everyone can learn” or
“I’ll make sure and post that in the FB group so everyone can see the answer”

To start creating LEVERAGE, you’ve got to go to a ONE TO MANY model. Change your way of thinking, to be teaching not only that rep, but EVERYONE at the same time.
Increasing the amount of ONE ON ONE time with a rep has NEVER shown to increase their production.

It’s not about how much instruction they get, it’s about how HUNGRY they are.

If you have tools in place, you’re creating content for them, then the truly hungry and coachable reps will make it there, learn and go into action….with or without YOU.

You don’t have to be a technical genius to do this either. If you have a weekly call for your team, make sure you are downloading the recording and posting it somewhere for them. You can create a short video with an answer to a question with your smartphone and post in your team’s Facebook group. Have a Q&A session on your call so everyone in the group can learn from each other.
Time should never be your objection for creating content, since you can simply capture what you’re already doing and syndicate it out. Make sense?

So start thinking “how can everyone learn from this?”, whether you’re on a call with a team member or you’re in a training taking notes that you can share with your team.

Here’s a great article on understanding a little more about creating a “system”.

SYSTEMS = Leverage = FREEDOM….and that’s what we want!

I hope you enjoyed these Five Pillars of Success in Home Business.

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Here’s to Your Continued Success in the Best Profession on the Planet!



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