So you now have a team — congratulations!!! Give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 But do you look back and see no one working? You may have started a team, but no one else is doing what you just did? In other words, no duplication? This is one of the biggest choke points for any home business owner — Team Building and Duplication.IMG_3761

How DO you get your team to duplicate?

If no team is built and no duplication happens, you really still have a job because you can never walk away.
So how do the top income earners do this? They’ve learned a few things that I”ll share with you.

1. It’s not about what works, it’s about what duplicates

Lots of things can work in your home business, but that’s not what matters. When I started out, because of my sales background I was GREAT at talking to people, presenting, etc. I could easily “close” someone into my business…but that’s all it was. They usually never went to work and definitely couldn’t do what I just did. Remember that the way you approach a prospect with your business is the way they think they have to do it. If your way is NOT duplicable, your new team member may join, but won’t go to work because they think they can’t do what you just did. It took me a LONG time to get this, but once I understood to use a 3rd party tool and take myself out of the presentation, duplication started to happen.  Here’s a great article on Why It’s Dangerous not to Duplicate.

2. Stop trying to “motivate” them and INSPIRE

Home business owners ask all the time “how do I motivate my existing team?” the answer is YOU DON’T. You are NOT in the motivation business. This is a volunteer army here in NWM and if they are not ready to go to work, then they’re just not. Best thing you can do is INSPIRE them by moving on and finding NEW people to work with who ARE ready and fired up about building their business now. How do you NOT inspire them? Go into management mode and TRAIN everyone. This is the ‘KISS OF DEATH” for any new NWM that has a tiny team (or big) and thinks they need to slow down and train. Keep moving forward, keep recruiting, plug them into a system (not you) and lead the way. When you get back to your existing team with updates (maybe through FB or email) of how the new team is rocking it out, the ones that are inspired will become “motivated” and come back to work.

3. Avoid Self Sabotage

If you had a great fast start to your business, recruiting lots of go-getters in your warm market…congrats! You brought in a bunch of people, lots of excitement was happening, then things died off and you’re thinking: “what now? all these people just quit, why?” Be aware, you’re about to experience some self-sabotage and you may not even realize it. It’s a subconscious thing that happens when you go back out there to recruit. Your mind thinks about how you just recruited all these people, then nothing happened, or even worse, you brought in a bunch of drama kings or queens. so it’s thinking “why recruit more and have MORE of nothing happening?”
Don’t be addicted to the outcome, whether it’s with your existing team or new prospects. Be addicted to the process and KEEP GOING. With your teammates, see them for who they CAN be, not who they currently are. Speak life to them, encourage them when they call, but keep going and recruit, recruit, recruit!

It’s a lot of fun when the duplication starts to happen with your team because everyone’s excited and making money!

Strive to have this happening ALL the time in your business!

Would you like to dive deep into this Pillar?  Here is a great course on Team Building and Duplication.

Now on to the next Pillar…

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