If you’re struggling with how to fit it all in, here are 3 time management and productivity hacks you should know if you’re building a home business.  If you are a  Mom or a Dad trying to build your business, working a full-time job and living a full-time life with activities, do you feel like you’re about to go crazy? These tips for came from a Periscope/Facebook Mention session this morning with Jessica Higdon and April O’Leary. They just came out with a new book called The Networking Revolution, geared towards women and network marketing.

One of the questions that was presented was, “How do you fit it all in? How do you manage everything with your life?” 

#1 Time Management and Productivity Hacks: Set Boundaries

The first of the 3 time management and productivity hacks is to set some boundaries. This can go in both directions. If you have scheduled family time, set some boundaries that if you’re phone goes off or you hear the computer, don’t go check it. Be present with what you’re supposed to be doing right then. If it’s a work boundary and you’re supposed to be working, do the same thing.

I don’t have kids but I have people on my team that do, and they actually have sat down with their family and said, “I’m going to be working during this certain time, so I’ve got to have concentrated time for this 30 minutes, or this hour,” Make it short periods of time because if you’ve got young kids, you’re going to need get back to them. Work it out with your spouse where they can take the kids for a little bit so you can actually do some of your work. You don’t have to take 5 hours, just take 30 minutes, make a few calls, then get back to your family. Whatever you say you’re task will be, whether being with family or working, be present and focused during that time on that task.

#2 Be Prepared to Be Flexible

I know I just said set some boundaries but now I’m saying be flexible. I’m not a parent but from what I understand, things happen in the middle of your day, everything just blows up and you have to take care of your first priority, which is of course your children. If you have a plan of consistency, everything will average out in the end. Celebrate the fact that you did do something and then schedule things for the next day, and make sure you don’t do too many on one day.

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#3 Consistency is Critical

Being consistent is one of the hardest but most critical things that you can do as a time management and productivity hack. A lot of people try to schedule 10 things they need to do for their business in 1 day but it’s much better to schedule 1 or 2 things you absolutely have to and CAN realistically get done. If you’re building a network marketing business, that’s most likely prospecting because you need to be talking to people. If you can only fit in 1 or 2 calls on a crazy day, that’s what you need to do. Don’t try to schedule too much on one day because you won’t get it all done and you’ll feel bad about it anyway, which can affect your positive mindset as you prospect.  Being consistent with 1 or 2 tasks becomes a compounded effect over time.  If you’re doing 1 or 2 critical tasks every single day, that’s better than going 10 days doing nothing.

I hope these time management and productivity hacks helped you figure out how to fit your business into your life, and not go crazy.  Remember to always keep moving forward and you’ll have success.

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