Does your new rep have more success if you spend more one on one time with them?

Some people yes, that you need to sit down with them, go through the back office, take time to help them create their list of a hundred people, and spend hours and hours of time with this new person one on one.

Others say the exact opposite.

On Ray Higdon’s podcast, I got an answer on this that I thought was incredible and makes so much sense.

It’s About What Duplicates for More Success

When you’re spending hours of time holding a new rep’s hand getting them started, how duplicatable is that system? If you are spending a lot of one on one time with someone, that does not equate to more success for that person. I’ve seen (and done) it over and over where I have spent a lot of time with a new person, walking them through everything, talking about what we’re going to do.  We did everything but get into action doing the revenue producing activities they need to do.

Big surprise: they didn’t take off and crush it.  Why is that?

It’s because it’s not duplicatable.


When you do any activity one on one, instead of one to many, you’re making YOURSELF the system, which won’t allow you to grow nearly as fast.

  • Point to tools and resources when you’re getting a new person started.
  • Give them a couple of assignments to go dig into those tools and resources.
  • Get them signed up for the events that are coming up.
  • Tell them to go create a list, call those on the list and invite them to take a look at their presentation (third party tool).
  • Then give them a deadline of when they need to call you back, after they’ve done the assignments.
  • Point them to more resources for their team (not you) and tell them, “These are the resources that you are going to point your team to. Everyone can plug into this system, no matter where they are and whether you are personally available.  They will never lack any information to grow their business if they plug in.”

That is duplicatable.  They can’t just plug into you. I know it feeds your ego and feels awesome to have everybody circled around your “campfire” listening to you.   But that is not duplicatable and it won’t help you build a strong team.

Start Your System Right Now for More Success

What if you have a small team right now and you have the time to spend with people one on one?

Still, don’t make that mistake, because what you’re teaching them is something they can’t do. They don’t know all the knowledge that you’re spewing out. They can’t repeat what you just said to them one on one. If you get on a phone call and you’re coaching for 30 or 45 minutes, and there’s no recording of it, then that person cannot go repeat what you just did. They can’t take that information to their team and it’s not duplicatable content.

More on Team Building and Duplication

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A better solution is the one to many model.  If you get a question from one team member, do a video or recorded call, then upload somewhere accessible to everyone.

I’ve had this happen in coaching where someone has asked me a question, and I’ve said

“That’s a great question. I’m going to do a video and answer your question so the whole team can see the answer.”

That is another way to be duplicatable and help people build their own business.

Be Their Resource, Not Their Employee

Here’s a really great statement that I heard Lisa Grossmann say. If you don’t know Lisa, you should, she is an icon in the industry.

She said, “I will help YOU build your business.”

That means that you’re not building it for them.  You are their resource, not their employee.  I know it’s tempting, especially if you have the time, to make calls for them to their prospects, but again, what are you teaching them?  You just taught them, when they get a team, that’s what they need to do and this is a recipe for failure for your new teammate.

Some leaders say, “I’m going to call my team every day and see who they have for me to talk to.”

You’re teaching that new person that

1) you have time to call them every day and

2) that they need to do that with their team, instead of prospecting new people.

You’ve just taught them to go into management mode, not prospecting mode.  This is the fastest way to KILL YOUR TEAM.

The most important activity that your new person can be doing is moving forward and talking to new people, not trying to hatch and manage the people they already have.

All Eyes Are On You All The Time

Everything you do, from the moment you invite that prospect until you get them in front of your presentation, they’re watching everything you’re doing to see if they can do it. Whatever you do, they take note (sometimes even subconsciously) and they will most likely duplicate it. If it’s not simple and you’re not pointing to tools and events and resources that they could take to their team, you’re not going to duplicate and you’re not going to grow a strong team.

I hope you enjoyed this post about creating more success for your new rep.  If you know of anyone that’s struggling with trying to build their team and how much time they should spend with each person individually, please share this video and let them know this solution and how to keep duplication happening on their team.

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