When you’re prospecting, there are 5 questions prospects are needing you to answer before they’ll join you in your business.  They may not even realize they’re asking these, but as they go through your presentation, they may be mentally “checking these off” before they say yes and get started. I learned these from a really good friend of mine, a mentor in my business named Melynda Lilly. She’s been in network marketing for over 20 years and said no matter what business you have, these questions are running through your prospect’s mind and if answered, they’re ready to go work with you.

The 5 Questions Prospects Need Answered By You

Is It Fun?

Network marketing is a people business. This is a business where people like to hangout together, take trips and go to events together. Most people really want to be around people and they want to have fun while they are making money. I have met some of my closest friends in this business and because we’re like-minded, we enjoy doing “life” together.  People will start their business with you, but will stay because of the culture you’ve built.  If they’re having fun and they feel good when they’re around you, they will stay long-term.

Is It Simple?

Is your business simple? Or do you have 20 steps to get your new rep started and a week long training course on your product or service?  This can make a difference because when people are brand new, too much information can overwhelm them and they may not be able to picture themselves doing what you do.  That’s why from the moment you approach a prospect, they are watching everything you’re doing, consciously or subconsciously, to see if they can do it.  If you make it un-duplicable, they’ll answer NO to this question and you may lose them. A 1 or 2-step process is what they are looking for.

Why Is the Timing Now?

Most good presentations will address this in one way or another, but you can reiterate it yourself by mentioning a current promotion or new launch inside the company.  Creating urgency is critical to getting your prospect to take action sooner rather than later so come up with a compelling “time-sensitive” statement.

Examples on Timing:

  • “You’re really fortunate to be looking at our business right now because we have a special promotion that is only available until Friday.  So if you’re serious, I’d hate for you to miss out on the extra money on the table by waiting.”
  • “I know some say they wish they had been here in the beginning when our company started, but it’s so much better now because we have a proven track record, a lot of awards and our market is hotter than ever right now.  Because of that, if you don’t talk to the people you know, I can guarantee someone else will be talking to them VERY soon.”

Can I Make Money?

A HUGE question you must answer for your prospect is about the money.  Some people think this means showing them the “crazy” millionaire money, but they’re usually looking for more realistic numbers.  By showing them how to make the money, step by step, and being truthful about it, you’ll gain a lot of respect and show them that you are a professional network marketer that can be trusted. You also want to give them social proof, whether at a local meeting, where you have people that can stand up tell their story, or video testimonials online.

Will I Have Support?

People are looking for support as they start a new business. One of the easiest ways to do show them is with a 3 way call. We do this all the time in our business. We do 3 way calls for a couple of reasons:

  • To show the prospect they don’t have to know all the answers when they begin and they’ll get trained “OJT” or on the job, while they’re making money. We make sure the new rep is not answering their own questions because the prospect will think they have to be an “expert” right away, which could take a lot of time to learn.  If they think that, they will most likely tell you NO due to time constraints.  Plus, most people don’t want to be a professional presenter and that’s the impression they may have of your 3 way call “expert”.
  • A good 3 way call helps them realize someone else is there to help and support them and answer their questions as they are learning. It also shows that we work as a team.

During your presentation, it’s good to mention that you have events to help them realize they have even more support available as they build their business with you.  If you have a team Facebook group, let them know about that as well, because these are all great ways to show them they’re not alone. Whether at events or in the group online, they’re going to see all these other people hanging out, having fun, working together, supporting each other.

When your prospect can answer YES to all of these questions, most likely they’re IN!!  Congratulations!!!

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