Get Your New Rep Started Fast

How do you get your new rep started fast?  The way to guarantee more success?

When you have a new person come on your team do you know what to do?

There are 5 ways that we learned from Eric Worre at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery to get your new rep started fast.

The Game Plan Interview

Your new rep is starting on a journey and you want them to have the best rate of success, right?

Validate Your New Rep’s Decision

Let them know they’ve made a great decision.

“Congratulations on starting you new business!  I know things are about to change for you and your family and your dreams and goals will become a reality.”

Let them know you’re proud of them, welcome them to the team and BE EXCITED!

Set The Expectations for Your New Rep

When people don’t set expectations it gives our profession a bad name.

Instead of saying, “It’s going to be very easy.”

“You’re going to make a lot of money.”

“You’re going to do it in two days.”

We SHOULD be telling the truth to our new rep:

“This business will take some work, but it will be worth it.”  

“You’re going to have to learn new skills and invest some time to get results.”

The normal person knows that anything worth having will take some effort, so set great expectations of what it’s really going to be like.

Make a Checklist

Then have a checklist of all the things they need to get plugged into, such as

calls they need to be on

events they need to attend

the things they need to do right away to be successful.

Give Your New Rep a GamePlan

Then you want to give your new rep a game plan of how they’re going to get to their goal. You need to find out from them what they’re wanting to accomplish.

How much money do they want to make in their first ninety days, in their first six months?

How soon do they want to promote? They need to set a specific date for this.

You can also manage these expectations.  For instance, if they want to make 6 figures in 90 days, you need to be the one to tell them what’s realistic for your business.

You also need to know what are they doing this for. What is their big why, their big reason? You really need to know all of this so you can help them achieve their specific goals.  It’s not about what YOU want, it’s about what THEY want out of this business.

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Give Them Assignments

You don’t want to give your new rep a hundred million assignments, you don’t want to give them even ten.

You want to tell them one or two things that they need to get accomplished between today and tomorrow. This is a mistake I made in the beginning a lot.

I would overload people. They would be like a deer in the headlights, completely overwhelmed and confused…which leads to paralysis.

Give your new rep some basics like:

 “I need you to come up with a list of 50-100 names by tomorrow at 2:00pm”.

“I need you to write down why you want to do this business and how much money you want to make”.

“I need you to complete our jump start training in the back office by tomorrow.”

Then when you get back together the next day you give them a couple more assignments.

You walk them through this. Remember, they don’t know anything. They’re new to this. They need direction. People are used to getting assignments. They’re used to getting tasks assigned to them at their job or in school.

If you do this with your new rep, you’ll have much more success.

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Pick up the book by Eric Worre, Go Pro. It’s a great book and outlines all of these steps in great detail, along with everything else you need to know to become a professional in network marketing.

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