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Some Do’s and Don’ts in For Your Home Business

I went last week to get my hair done from my wonderful stylist, Lan Nguyen, and when I got there, she had a “visitor”. There was a gentleman that, at first, I thought might be her dad. As I sat down to let her get started on my hair, I could feel the tension in the room. This was definitely NOT her dad and she really wanted him to leave, I could tell. He sat there in silence, not even introducing himself and she didn’t introduce me to him either…very strange. So I picked up a magazine, started flipping through and made small talk with her, as if he wasn’t there, asking about her kids, her boyfriend, etc. We talked about what I wanted to do with my hair and got started. About then is when the gentleman spoke. He said “So we can get you started with this product and this product….”

Omgosh! He was trying to recruit her into his home business!

Here’s the video recap:

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Don’t Do Hypey Marketing

As he kept talking, she was silent, not even really responding. He would continue, saying things like “OUR company grew 1500%, and that’s why you can make a lot of money”, or, “if you do this, you can sell to your clients and your friends”.

Don’t Question a Prospect’s Desire Like This

She told him she didn’t have time to do anything else but he continued, this time with the worst line possible: “Don’t you want more time? That’s what this business could do for you” and “Don’t you want to make a lot of money?”

This guy was the classic example of what NOT to do in a home business IF you want to attract people to yourself.
After she told him NO probably 4 times, he finally slinked away.
THEN we started talking and boy…..did she have something to say!

Do Care About Them First and Build Rapport

I started, by saying “wow Lan”, she goes “I know! I couldn’t get him to leave, I tried to tell him nicely but he’s been chasing me for awhile and won’t leave me alone. I do alright here at the salon and I sell my own products to my own clientele, I don’t need to have to learn another product line. When I leave here I”m spending time with my kids. And did you see the way he was dressed? I wouldn’t partner with him for anything!”

Pay close attention my fellow multi-level marketers.

This is coming from someone NOT in our profession. What kind of impression do you think she now has of us? Good thing she said this next:

“If I were to do anything at all, I would do what YOU do.”

Yea!! I’ve left a great impression with her, thank goodness. I’ve never pressured, always let her talk about herself and definitely didn’t throw up on her about my company. I do ask for referrals here and there and she does try to think of people I should talk to, which is awesome 🙂 She’ll jump when SHE’s ready, no sooner.
I could smell the desperation in the air when that guy was pressuring her. All he really wanted (and she knew it) was a “sign up” so he could make a bonus. She also told me he is in 3 or 4 different companies right now and has tried to talk to her about all of them, showing her that he’s really not committed to ANY of them. Kind of like that guy with the trench coat selling anything and everything just to make a buck.
Always remember, people are watching you and your journey in your home business.

They are watching you to see if:
1) they can do what you do – is is simple?
2) are you a person of integrity and are committed to your business?
3) do you care about helping THEM more than yourself?
4) OR, are you desperate and just looking for a paycheck?

It’s time to raise the level of professionalism…are you in???

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