Prospects Not Showing Up?

Here’s a little tweak in your language that will help you to get more prospects to show up to your meeting.

So what is this tiny little tweak that you can do that’s going to help you get more prospects to your meeting?

Well, it’s changing your language just a little bit.

Instead of calling it a “business opportunity meeting” or a “business overview” or a “business launch”…

Invite Your Prospects to Your Next “Event”


We like to go to events. We go to concerts, plays, symphonies and those are all events.

We go to basketball games, football games, soccer… all events.

Events are something that people want to go to. Right? Just tell your prospects, “Hey, my next event is this time, this place.”

It doesn’t have to be a big meeting. It could be a home meeting,  hotel meeting, webinar or conference call.

Whatever it is, it’s the next event.

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Prospecting and Closing Tips

You want to get your prospects to the next possible chance for them to see social proof and see that this business works.

So next time you have a chance to talk to that prospect about that meeting, call it an event.

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If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

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