Have you ever approached a prospect while cold marketing prospecting and asked if they were open and they said the dreaded:

“What’s the name of the company?”

and it shut you down?

I’ve got a great tip for you today!

I have been coaching a lot of people lately and that question that has come up when working with cold market prospecting. My rep will give the company name and poof! the person loses interests or runs away or won’t call them back.  Why is that?

A couple of things are happening are here.

In Cold Market Prospecting It’s Not Just What You Say It’s How You Say It

How is your energy when you’re talking with that prospect?

Do you have a positive, confident energy?  If you do, you may not even get this question.

If you’re energy conveys weakness, doubt, timidity or unbelief, it could provoke this question.

Once you give them the name, they may have preconceived ideas about your company.  They may have known someone in your company that started and had little or no success and they base their decision on that one person.


You give them the name, they Google it and find something negative and base their decision on Google.  They could even find a leader online and GO AROUND YOU.

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The best way to handle this is, first of all, have the right energy and second, act like it’s no big deal that they’re asking.

Use Your Team Name in Cold Market Prospecting

Have a team name already established. Tell them your team name like this:

“Oh what company is this? It’s the Freedom Team, ever heard of it?”

I bet you I could find a “Freedom Team” in every network marketing company on the planet, so this doesn’t give them anything they can go “research” or link back to an unsuccessful friend.  If you don’t have a team name, you should go ahead and come up with one, to help develop your culture anyway. And when you get that question, you’re ready with a great answer.  Then you can get them in front of your presentation with an open mind to see if your opportunity is a fit for them.

In cold market prospecting, don’t ever let this question throw you off your game.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

You’ve got the golden goose.

You’re just the messenger, not the message and you’re looking to see if they are looking FOR YOU and ready to change their life…or NOT.

You’re just sorting, right?

Did this cold market prospecting tip help you?  If so, let me know by leaving me a comment below and sharing with anyone in network marketing wanting to get better at recruiting.

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