DeDe Murcer MoffetI just got back from our incredible Ambit-ious Women’s Conference 2015 Southwest here in Grapevine Texas and heard from the most amazing keynote speaker, DeDe Murcer Moffet…WOW!!
I wanted to share some of the nuggets from her speech that I think can help all of my readers.
DeDe delivered her keynote in such an entertaining way, being both a speaker and vocalist performer. Her words were anchored with her music and broadway style performance, leaving an indelible impression on all of us.
Here are some of my notes from her speech:

What is Your Definition of Success?

A lot of us believe we know our definition of success, but is it really ours? Or someone else’s? Has your definition been formed by what your family thinks is “success”? Maybe it’s from the media, showing us constant images of what THEY consider “success” to be? How about your friends? To help yourself clarify YOUR definition, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who Will I Be If I Succeed?  

Not just what you will HAVE, but who do you look like when you reach that level of success you see in your head?

2. Who Will I Be If I Stop Hiding _________?
The theme of our conference was “UnMask-Discover Your Potential”, so what could you be hiding behind that is keeping you from YOUR REAL definition of success?

3. If I Stop ____________, Who Am I?

Are there things about yourself that you haven’t been willing to let go of or stop, that are keeping you from real success? We all have a “story” about ourselves, an identity that we hold onto. If we let go of it, we may not know who we are. It’s time to explore who the NEW you can be without that story that may be holding you back, the story that keeps you from taking off the “mask”.

To Help You Breakthrough to Your Success, Remember a Few Things

1. Hang Around PUSHY People
Not annoying, pushy people, but people who will see past your mask, allow you to fail, and be there, expecting you to get back up and keep moving forward.

2. Don’t Let Money Decide Your Dream

What are you passionate about, right now? Go do it! It’s important to do it now, even if it doesn’t make money. By following your passion, the money can come.

3. If You Must Doubt Something, DOUBT YOUR LIMITS.

Don’t listen to what others say about you or what you can accomplish, doubt THEIR opinion. It’s just an opinion, it doesn’t define you at all. At our recent company meeting, one of our leaders told us that in the beginning of his business, a good friend had told him that “Chad, you wouldn’t be good at this”. Thank goodness he didn’t listen! He now has complete time freedom with a robust residual income, being able to spend valuable time with his family every day. Just think if he had listened! He not only changed his life, but has a huge team of leaders that would possibly never heard about the opportunity and would not have changed their lives and so many others.

4. Don’t Require Proof of Your Success

All throughout history, we have examples of people who have broken records and done things that others have said was not possible, like the Wright brothers. Just because it hasn’t been done before, don’t let that stop you. Go for it anyway!

I hope you enjoyed getting a peak at my notes from the conference and hearing about DeDe.

Do you like me sharing my notes of the events I go to?  Let me know if you’d like more….:)

Until the next event (which is this weekend haha),



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