How do you know, is network marketing right for you?

There’s one very simple question to ask yourself and ask those you are prospecting:

Are you easily influenced by the opinions of other people?

This is a great question to ask yourself and ask your potential new business partner as they start their business in network marketing because people are going to have all kinds of opinions. You need to know where you stand regardless of their opinions.

Is Network Marketing Right for the Researcher?

You might have a prospect that actually decides to go to Google and research your company. Certain personalities (analytical) will almost always go to the search engines and check out the buzz about a company. When they do, they’re going to find a hundred million opinions about your company that are not even substantiated.  I dare you to Google Mother Teresa and see if something negative doesn’t come, just to prove my point.

If “the researcher” prospect bases the decision on starting their network marketing business on a search engine with unverifiable information, then network marketing is not for them.  I’ve had these prospects before and the best response when they say they’re going to do their research on Google is “this is probably not the right business for you.”  I know that sounds harsh, but their future in network marketing will be very unstable because it won’t be based on their belief, but the opinions they might find out there on the internet.  Those opinions will be changing everyday.

Is Network Marketing Right For the Family and Friends Pleaser?

I’ve had prospects who consulted “broke Uncle Dave”, or “Corporate America VP Tony” who had no experience with network marketing and no experience as an entrepreneur.  Yet, these prospects somehow believe that those people can give them great advice about something they’ve never done.

I’ve had prospects who went to some random person who had a bad experience with network marketing and they based their decision on that one (unsuccessful) person’s opinion. They decided not to start their business because this one person said it didn’t work for them.

Honestly if that’s what they were going to do, they really weren’t cut out for network marketing.

I have been reading Think and Grow Rich as a lot of you may know and he wrote about this very topic.

Napoleon Hill said, “Successful people are not easily influenced by the opinions of others.”

Another really great statement that I’ve heard from several people is,

“Don’t take advice from anyone you wouldn’t trade places with.”

Think about that. You are going to get advice. You’re going to get opinions from people all around you when you’re in your network marketing business especially in the beginning.  If you need the approval of others to know is network marketing right for you, then probably not.

You’re going to have people shooting you down, telling you it’s not going to work, telling you to go get a real job, but think about what they’re doing.

Would you trade places with them?

Look at their life, look at their success rate, look at where they are, their results.

Would you want their life?

If you don’t, then you may not need to take their opinions so seriously and base your decisions on them.

Your life is your life.

Posture in Prospecting Skeptical Prospects

Posture with Warm Market

People are going to give you their opinions and be very passionate about what you should do with YOUR life.

Then guess what?

They’re going to go home, and they’re going to live their life according to what they believe THEY need to do.

Why don’t you do the same?

Be gracious and thank others for their opinions, and for the feedback, but go do what you know in your gut you need to do.

That’s what successful entrepreneurs do.

Don’t be swayed by others opinions. If you have a new prospect or new team member that thinks they may be, you may want to counsel them and talk to them about what they’re about to embark on.

It’s alright to tell them it may not be the right path for them.

They’re going to get those opinions, and they need to be sure that they’re armed and ready to keep going anyway.

You bringing it up may also help them realize they ARE ready to start their network marketing business.  They’re ready to face the naysayers head on and change their life!

That’s when you know, network marketing is RIGHT for them.

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