Do you need some new ideas for ways to find new prospects?  Here are my 3 favorite ways:

Prospects on Social Media

There are two ways that you can find prospects on social media. One is through passive marketing, which is where you hope an unnamed individual is going to find your content and then they’re going to contact you. With passive marketing, you are attracting people to you as they find your content on the internet.

The other way is active prospecting. That means you are reaching out to someone over social media and sending them a direct message.

You could do this on many different platforms, such as Facebook where you are sending them a message on messenger.  You can also direct message individuals on Twitter and Instagram.

The first thing you want to do on social media is make a friend and start building a relationship. You do not want to send links immediately. You want to see if this person is open to anything initially.

“Just curious, are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re doing in … ?”

You want to make sure that you’ve looked at a little bit of information on their profile. You want to see what they do for a living, what kind of posts they publish, pictures they have, etc.

What if they’re already in network marketing and they’re happy with their company?

You still could have something to give them of value. There are a lot of things you can refer them to, a lot of different mentors and courses but I personally use a system called MyLeadSystemPRO. I have hours of content and free webinar trainings that I can give to someone in network marketing.

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If they are happy with their company, the next thing I’m going to ask them is

“how are you doing generating leads online?”

Most people are looking for a way to do that. With MyLeadSystemPro, I can help them even if they say NO to my network marketing company and I have now gained credibility and authority in their eyes.  This is going to help me build a relationship with this person and if, in the future, they are looking for a new company, there is a higher likelihood they might join me.

Work Events to Find Prospects

Now a lot of you may be online thinking “I don’t want to go out and meet people”, but if you want to hustle, if you really want to find people, you’ve got to go where the people are, even if it’s offline.

When I say work events, I don’t mean buy a booth.  You want to go to the expo or business networking event with no cards in your pocket. I know that sounds crazy, but you want to be there to collect cards, not give out your card.

You want to get cards from people and you don’t want to pitch them right there. You want to form a relationship by asking them about them.

For example:

“How long have you been a salesman for xyz?”

Or, “Tell me a little bit more about why do you like what you do?”

You want to ask them questions about themselves.

“Are you from here?”

“Are you from this local area like me?”

“Do you know so and so?”

You want to start to find some common ground if you can. Make it all about them while you’re at the event.

So now that you have the cards, you want to do what most people never do, which is follow up the next day.

Most people go to events and they grab a ton of cards, and they just sit on their desk. They never follow up with their prospects.

Be different. Stand out. Call them back.

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When you call them back, you want to say,

“I’m just curious, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing with xyz company?”

You’re going to get a yes, or a no, or what is it, and then you can go from there. Key thing here is follow up because 99% of the people at that event never will.

Prospects from Referrals

There are so many ways you can do this. In my company we are expanding into new areas all the time. One thing that I do is call back people that I have relationships with and ask

“Hey, I’ve got a crazy question. Call me back.”

When they call back I say, “Do you happen to know anyone in … ?” (wherever we’re expanding to next.)

They don’t even know for sure why I’m asking that but I’m looking to know who they know in that area.

How our relationship is will determine if they give me a name.

Are they comfortable with me? Do they believe that anyone they send my direction will be treated professionally and will not be jumped on? Will I be trying to convince anyone?

If they feel like I’m going to be a professional, they are more willing to give me a name. That’s really true with any referral source. If you are finding resistance when you are asking for referrals, it could be because of the way they perceive you or the way they think you might be with their referral.

Make sure that you work on that relationship and they feel comfortable with you. If you have dealt with them professionally, if you have not been pushy or aggressive, then they’re more likely to give you a name.

I also ask my customers who they might know that I could possibly have a conversation with that might want to do what we do. I’ve gotten people who are looking for people for me right now because they’ve had a good experience with me. They’re willing to give me a referral.

You could even do this with a prospect that has looked at your video or your opportunity and they said no.

You can ask them, “Who do you know out there that we should be talking to? Who do you know that’s struggling right now?”

Or “Who do you know that would like to make some extra money if we showed them step-by-step how to do it?”

There are so many people that know people you don’t know. You never know until you ask who they know.

Some of the best leaders in so many different network marketing companies have come from someone  that said no, and then they asked for a referral, and that referral was the rock star.

You just never know until you ask.

Did you like these tips?  Please let me know by leaving me a comment below and sharing with anyone who you think could get better at prospecting.

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