Build A Team of Independent Leaders Not Followers

Congratulations! You just got a new team member started and you want them to have all the success that they desire Building Independent Reps Red Banner

They’ve told you they’re “in it to win it” and you’re both excited!

So how do you maximize their success?

As Eric Worre say’s “my job is to make you independent of me as soon as possible”.

You want independent business owners inside of your team that lead THEIR team.

How to Make Them More Independent of You

1.  Point Them to a Duplicable Tool

Hopefully your company has great fast start trainings for your new team member in their back office.
If not, you can pick up a fantastic Fast Start CD by my mentor, Ray Higdon Here. It’s completely generic and works for any home business.

“It doesn’t matter what works, it matters what duplicates” ~~ never more true than in our profession.

I didn’t get this at first and was relying on me and my personality as I was starting new team members.  I could “close” them into the business, but they didn’t go to work.  I learned that I needed to empower them with a SYSTEM they could plug into, not ME.

Pointing them to a tool shows them (and anyone they start) that there is a track to run on, a system they can follow.  Just like McDonalds 🙂

Here’s a great article with a free download by my friend Tanya Aliza on Team Building and Duplication.

2.  Give Them Assignments with Deadlines

A lot of people come into home business with an “employee” mindset instead of an independent mindset meaning they’ve always worked for someone who has given them tasks to complete.

You can do the very same thing here, since that’s what they may be used to.

Here are some examples:
1) Go to the jumpstart training, watch it, take notes and write down any questions you have.
2) Write out your Why
3) Write out the date when you want to earn your first check
4) Write out the date when you want to promote
5) Have a list of at least 50 people started
6) Have all this done before we talk on Thursday

Now when Thursday comes, if they haven’t completed everything, tell them:

“I’d love to take you to the next step, so I need you to complete those assignments I gave you. How soon can you have those completed?”

Get a date and re-set your appointment.

You need to see what this new rep is willing to do for THEIR business on their own. If they’ve never had a home business or been an entrepreneur, they may struggle a bit to figure it out.

It’s in this struggle they will find their fight and strength to make their business work.

This is one of THE most valuable lessons you can teach them to become more independent of you!

When they accomplish these things, they’ll build confidence in their abilities which adds fuel to their fire to keep going in their new business.

3.  Get Them to The Next Event!

This is sooo critical in helping them become more independent of you, since they will see all those other team members at that event, having success.  You will be plugging them into the experts in your company who might be telling them the same thing you did, but they really hear it for the first time.

They’ll hear the stories of struggle to success, get invaluable training, and cut their learning curve by at least 6 months.

The event will also build their belief like nothing else can.  When they go and see thousands of people there, just like them having success, they realize what they’re a part of is (sometimes) much bigger than they thought and they can do it too.

The best way for you to promote your events is to relay the success stories of others who have come out of an event, gone into action, promoted, made money, etc.

Facts Tell, Stories SELL…always remember that!  

It’s the emotion in the stories of someone they might relate to that may get them to go.  Then you just let the even work for you…it’s magic!

4.  Beware of These PitFalls

One of the most common mistakes I see with home business owners as they start their new team member is telling them things like:

“I’m just a phone call away and I want to be there for every phone call you make to your prospects”
“I’ll be calling you every day to see who you’ve got for us to talk to, I want to help you get a really fast start!”
“You can call me anytime, I work for you”

Why these statements don’t help your new team member become more independent:

1) They DO start to call, at any time of the day or night because you haven’t set guidelines for your time.

2) This doesn’t work well when you start to grow a really big team because there’s only ONE of you.

3) This doesn’t always go over well if you have any kind of life (family, kids, spouse, etc).  Those around you start resenting your business which makes it much harder to build.

4) It also sends the message to the new rep that you are on call, which just gave you a job.

Most of us started this business to have MORE time freedom, not less right?

5) What ALSO happens is the new person is seeing you do this and it’s actually sabotaging their success.

They may start thinking: this business is going to take over my life and I thought it was part-time?

I can’t do what they’re doing to support my team.

So then they don’t build a team….ouch!

5.  Create Content for Your Team

If you find yourself on a phone call or in person (nothing being recorded), repeating the same coaching over and over, it’s time to create a piece of content. (yes, you can do this!)

1) You can easily do a quick video, google hangout or screencast and upload to YouTube.

2) You can record yourself on a conf call line like and use a voicemail box like with a dedicated phone number for others to access anytime.

Some of you may have read some of my other blog posts where their was an audio file included.  Guess what?  That was a conference call where I was asked to speak.

I then took the recording and posted it as a piece of content, just like I suggest above.

Now when someone calls you and asks the same question, you refer them to the content instead of spending another 30 minutes with them on the phone. As you start to build this content you will have more of what you signed up for in this business….Freedom!

A neat little trick I started doing: when I get off a coaching call, I make some notes of what we discussed so I can do a piece of content as soon as possible and post it somewhere for everyone.

Did you enjoy these guidelines?  Do you think they might help you?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Also share this with anyone you know who is currently building a team in their home business.

Here’s to More Independent Reps for You!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth



P.S.:  Need more help with starting off your new team members right?

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