Has it ever been difficult for you to communicate or “get through” to some prospects in your home business? Do you think “why don’t Personalitiesthey get it?” Or what about your teammates? Are there times you wonder how on earth to help them have a breakthrough or get them motivated? I was in the same boat….until I understood the different personalities. By learning about different personalities and how to communicate with them, motivate them and lead them, I even learned how to communicate better with my own husband, which improved our marriage.

So listen up….this could help you more than you think!

There are many different schools of thought on the study of personalities but the one that’s my favorite is the colors. Dani Johnson refers to them as gems and she is who I have trained with extensively.  But to keep it simple we’ll stick to colors.  So let’s start with the two most dominant in the home based business: Red and Blue

RED Personality

Main phrase: “Just make it happen”.  These are your born leaders. They exude confidence, even on the playground as children. One of their favorite sayings is “where there’s a will there’s a way!” They’re the ones who will find the helicopter off the burning ship and save as many people as they can in the process. They typically are wearing very sharp clothes, driving nice cars and living in nice homes. They love making money, winning and are usually very competitive. The typical job of a “red” is a CEO, sales, heads of non-profits, doctors, etc. What motivates them? Winning, competing and recognition to show that they are the best. Their natural qualities are being born with confidence, being action takers and self-starters. And they are usually the easiest to recruit.  Why? Because they make quick decisions and ACT. These are the ones that will come up to you at a meeting and say “I’m going to be your next big leader”.


BLUE Personality

Main phrase: “Where’s the party?”
These guys talk fast, are very upbeat, use their hands a lot, laugh a lot and just love hanging out and having a great time. They have a lot of charisma and are magnetic in a crowd, everyone wants to be around them, they’re the life of the party for sure. Women are usually wearing lots of “bling”, loud colors and trendy clothes. The men might be the ones in the Hawaiian shirts and bermuda shorts. Typical occupations are hair stylists, artists, service industry, event planners, sales etc. Any people-oriented job is where you’ll usually find them. What motivates them? FUN of course! Anything social. They are the last ones at the party hoping it won’t end 🙂 The greatest thing about a BLUE personality is people will follow them because they’re visionaries, encouragers and overall have a really positive outlook on life.

GREEN Personality

Main phrase: “I need to do my research”. (Ever had that one before?)
Their language is quick, short, to the point. They usually ask a lot of questions (which really throws a BLUE off). They are NOT verbal processors but think through everything before they say it. You can usually spot a GREEN by their conservative, muted color clothing and very neat/clean appearance. And they will always match. Typical occupations for a green are: engineers, IT, accounting and financial advisors. They are motivated by being able to research something and find all the facts because they’re very analytical. Once they’ve done their research and decide that this is for them, they are the MOST LOYAL too, which is great. You can count on them. Just like the BLUE’s they like recognition but for different reasons and in different ways.

YELLOW Personality

Main phrase: “I just love helping people”.  These are your “care bears”. They are wonderful people, sincere and low key, making eye contact and smiling. People really trust the YELLOW personality which is a great thing in a home business. When they go to their friends and family, they usually have great success (if they’re brave enough to invite) because they trust them and will listen to what they have to say. Their clothes are usually very comfortable and casual.  They’re motivated by helping people, even if there’s no money involved.  They are the ones that want to volunteer to help you at the meeting and love to serve, so let them!  They typically are in professions like nursing, non-profit, massage therapists, etc.

Here’s a call I did going over the personalities, with a funny story at the end about my hubby 🙂


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Ultimately, you need ALL the personality types in your business and there are top income earners in our profession with all these different personalities.  Recognizing which personality type your prospect and/or teammate is will help you become a better recruiter AND leader.

Do you know someone who could use this information in their business and even in their personal life?  Feel free to share!

Now go out and start watching people to see if you can spot these different personalities.  Start practicing speaking in their language and see how easy it becomes to communicate with them!  It’s really a lot of fun 🙂


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