Just imagine your phone rings, you answer and there is this really excited person on the other end.  

They say “I can’t believe I’m really talking to you!  I saw your website, watched one of your videos and felt like you were talking right to me.  I couldn’t believe that you would take the time to really speak with me and help me, so this is so awesome!”

This could be happening to you because…it’s starting to happen to me!

Are you wondering how?

There’s a sure-fire way to pre-sell your prospects to where they are excited to talk to you on the phone and can’t wait to hear about what you have to offer.

The advice in today’s video on this was from Peter Montoya, the author of The Brand Called You.

I just came back from Top Earner Academy Live in Tampa just recently with Ray and Jessica Higdon, where he was one of our speakers.

So wouldn’t that be great?

Instead of having to build rapport, you are now talking to someone who is excited to talk to you and very open to joining you in your business.

So start working on this today so YOUR prospects will be pre-sold and excited to talk to you before you ever get them on the phone!

Here’s to easier selling and recruiting in YOUR future!


Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth


(yes, I’m a real person and you can call me, I’ll answer…:))



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