The Best Way to Reach Your Next Promotion Fast

Do you want to promote? I’m sure the answer is yes.

You probably want to do it faster and sooner, rather than later, right?

Well, we’re towards the end of the year right now and a lot of people are looking at the first of the year, and wanting to reach that next promotion right before the first of the year.

At Go Pro Recruiting Mastery back in October, Eric Worre went over part of his game plan training, and how to promote fast was part of it.

Identify the Key Promotion

What they need to do is to identify the promotion that will make all of the other promotions happen.

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Team Building and Duplication

Every company has a basic promotion that is going to be able to be done fairly easy by a new person. Then, when lots of these promotions are happening, that actually makes all of the other promotions happen.

I know what it is for me, and it requires six people on a new person’s team, and then they promote. We’ve had people do that in hours, we’ve had people do that in days. Then we’ve had people take a long time.

Identify the Key People

You want to find the people who want to get that done sooner, rather than later.

You identify the rank, then you identify the people who are going to run with you and make it happen.

Next, you focus every call, every webinar, every meeting on these goals.  Give your runners something to focus on and keep them accountable.

Right now, I am really close to my next promotion. I’m in the middle of doing this as we speak. I’m asking new prospects and existing team members, who wants to reach their next promotion themselves? Then that will also help me reach my next promotion.

It’s all about helping others with their goals, and then yours happen, in our business of network marketing. I’m sure you agree.

Who’s promoting, when are they promoting, who else is promoting? Who are you bringing with you?

You can tell, I get excited talking about it. I hope you do too. Think about that rank, see if you’re ready to make the run, like I’m doing right now and I will see you at the top!

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