Can you successfully work multiple MLMs at the same time?

There are people who think that you can who say “I’ve got this wellness product and it’s totally unrelated to this service over here, and I’m building both of them.”

This is the problem though: Network marketing (multi-level-marketing) is unlike any other business out there on the planet.

It’s not just transactional.

It’s not just about making a sale.

It’s about building a community and a culture, if you do it right.

When you do, you can create really strong, solid residual income.

In my company, I’m doing life with these people. We are getting together, whether it’s for business or not. We are around each other all the time, and I absolutely enjoy it because they’re the people I want to hang out with.

I can’t even imagine having this culture over here, and then trying to create and maintain another one over there. It would be like trying to split myself and have 2 lives. It would be very difficult to do.


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Trying to Lead Multiple MLMs

As a leader, which one are you leading? If you have Company ABC here on one side of your coat and Company XYZ  on the other side of your coat, and you’re saying oh well, if you don’t like this one then you can go over here. How committed do you look to that prospect?

I’ve never seen a top earner leading multiple MLMs at the same time and I would challenge you to try to find one.

I believe that prospect is going to get confused as to where their leader is going to be.

Are your allegiances going to be with ABC 70% of the time, and XYZ 30 or 50/50? Either way it’s not 100%, which matters when you’re building a community and a culture. It’s absolutely vital if people are watching you as a leader.  They are either getting inspired or not getting inspired. They want to know that you are completely committed and totally engaged, and you are right there leading them to the top.

That’s why it is very difficult, if not impossible, to successfully build multiple MLMs at the same time.

Now, I am a product user of a lot of different companies because I absolutely love network marketing. I love supporting other companies, but I’m not trying to build a team in all those companies.

I build just one and I would encourage you to do the same. I also have other streams of residual income because I have affiliate products that I work with, so you can do that, but that’s a very different type of deal. You’re not building a culture and community with affiliate marketing, you’re just referring and getting paid.

Because of concentrating and building ONE company, I’ve been enjoying residual income for 9 years now and I can tell you, it’s been pretty amazing and I’m so grateful for my team!

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