Recruit More With These Tips

Whether it’s the holidays or just any normal weekend with your family and friends, have you been able to recruit them into your business?

If you haven’t it could be due to what I’ll be sharing in this post.

It’s really interesting when, as an adult, you get around your parents and siblings and all of a sudden…you change.

You change back into that child or sibling and the old programming kicks in.  When this happens, sometimes it’s difficult to get the very important message out to the people you care about the most about your business, this business that could literally change their life if they let you recruit them into it.

I heard this saying recently from one of the leaders in our profession, Justice Eagan and I absolutely love it:

“Stop catering the belief you share based on who’s around you and what they might say or think”

This might be a good time to ask yourself if you do this and why?

In the video I share how you can change this and recruit more of the people around you:


Did you like these tips?  Have you found yourself doing this?  I know I have…

Leave me a comment if you have too, and share this with anyone who could get better at recruiting.

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