Can you tell a good story?

How about a great story?How to Tell A Good Story

When you’re in network marketing, you need to be able to tell your story so that who you’re telling will be curious enough to want to know more.
Your story needs to be relatable to the normal person, not the “pie in the sky” tale of Bentleys and mansions.

The “So What’s” and “Me Too’s”

A lot of times when we’re telling our story  we give too many details which cause our audience to be thinking “so what?”

For instance, here’s what that would sound like:

“When my friend called my in 2007, I was living in Arizona, about to move to Texas.  She called me on New Year’s Day and me and my cousin were just relaxing enjoying the day.  I went upstairs to talk and she put me on the phone with her sponsor, who was really quite good, which made me actually listen.  I still told her NO, then I looked at it and realized it was everything I was looking for!  I enrolled, called her back and she said “I thought you said NO!”, then I said “It made too much sense NOT to get started….”

Did I lose you in the first sentence?  Probably.  If I were in front of a room telling that story, most would be looking at their phones by that time, checking Facebook or email.

There were ALOT of “so what’s” in there right?

Here’s a better way to tell your story:

  1. Your background
  2. What you didn’t like about your situation then
  3. How you found a solution with your company and got started
  4. Your results since starting OR How you feel about the future OR What you plan to accomplish in the future

To tell a good story using these steps would sound like this:

“As a traditional entrepreneur, I liked being my own boss but didn’t like having employees and being tied to the business 24/7 and not having a retirement plan in place.  When I was shown the my opportunity in 2007, it made complete sense to me so I jumped in with both feet.  I was able to replace a full-time income working it part-time and paid off $21,000 in debt.  Now I’m excited because I’m building that retirement, have time freedom and get to help others do the same.”




Did you hear the “Me Too’s”?

You want your story to have points that will resonate with others, common problems that your opportunity is solving, like, no freedom, no retirement, etc.

They’ll be listening going “that’s what I’m looking for”, yep, “me too”.  And that’s exactly what you want.

You MUST be relatable, providing a solution to the same problems they have.  Then you have a chance of your prospect being open enough to watch your presentation on your business.

Make sense?  Is it time to work on YOUR story?

Get really good at it, practice it with friends and you’ll find it becomes easier and easier!

Did you enjoy these tips on how to tell a good story?  If so, let me know and share with anyone who needs help in “tightening up” their story.

Now go tell it 🙂

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth




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